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Positive mental attitude needed!

So, just been out for w3r1. I live at the bottom of a hill, so my 5 minute warm up is uphill (and it's quite steep). Today I think I took it a bit fast, and halfway up everything was aching. So the gremlins started - "how can I ever run for 3 minutes if I'm aching already"? So I gave myself a good talking to, and actually did it! And dare I say, even started to enjoy the 2nd 3 minute run just a tiny bit! Here's hoping the rest of the week goes as well 🙂

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Just go as slow as you like...the slower the better! The gremlins get fed up and go back to their holes !

Just keep it steady, it is the way to get to Graduation injury free and having had great fun en route:)


I live on a big hill but unluckily for me (or should that read luckily...)it's on a B Road with no pavements so I drive 10 minutes to a lovely level park and run laps round the lake there! 😉

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Fantastic well done. I'm just starting my run now. Wish me luck👍🏻

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