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2 months post c24k

Hello Blossoms

Just an update from an old cynic that hated running with a passion. Completed the c24k about two months ago and then ventured out into the cold world of slippery tarmac and unforgiving hills. The previous 9 weeks were accomplished inside on a treadmill - and boy did I notice the difference, for a start, it's far more difficult outside....

The first month was just trying to replicate my previous indoor achievement, it took a few weeks to manage a 30 minute non stop run. It was very much hit or miss, I maintained 3 runs a week but I wasn't seeing much progress and I thought I'd be enjoying it a bit more. Month 2 started off a bit better. Better speeds and pace and I could see with my phone app I was increasing the distance and pushing myself far more, a lot more. An extra 2k to be exact, and shhhh don't tell anyone but I was beginning to really like it. I got back from my 7Km run this morning and after my shower, went onto Google maps to see where on the lovely route I run, could I add another 1km.

I'm delighted with my progress.

And low and behold, after the run this morning, about an hour after, I got this thought in my head, would it kill me if I went out now and done another run......

It's finally happened, I'm bitten by the bug

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Well done but put the brakes on the enthusiasm slightly 😀. Don't forget your rest days and increase steadily, not every run. It's a good idea to consolidate the 5k/30min runs for a bit to allow your body to catch/keep up with what you are asking of it. As you have found running outdoors is very different for lots of reasons and the best way to stay off the injury couch is not to do too much too soon. Good to see you have been bitten by the bug.

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Welcome to the dark side.....

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There's no hope for you now, you know that don't you? Next thing you know you'll be sighing over pictures of running socks....


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