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W2 R3 up with the Larks

Just back and showered after my early 05:15am Run, never thought i'd be able to do it, but found it easier to get up to run than to get up for work.

Had a few too many ciders last night so head was banging, apart from that run went well, at times almost saddened when time to walk, and loved the fact noone around just me and the birds, looking forward to Week 3, and realise i need to cut down on alcohol especially before early morning run.

Feels surreal that run over and its only 06:15 now off to work.

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well done! I get up early for my runs too, so I'm back for the sprogs before the husband goes to work. I love being out running before 6am. It's so peaceful and beautiful.

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I did enjoy it your right it is really peaceful, like having the world to yourself surreal.


Well done, I couldn't run with a hangover mind you!

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