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Still going!

So, I've taken a bit longer than 9 weeks due to two illnesses (anaphylaxis is terrifying and a bad cold is just annoying). But I finally did run 1 of week 9 yesterday! It's taken me 14 weeks, but after a near death experience at the end of January, I can't complain too much... This time last year I was on crutches with plantar fasciitis.

In January this year I couldn't run 60 seconds. I can now run 30 minutes non-stop, I'm 17lbs lighter and ache free! I only managed 4.2km on run 1 and doubt I'll get to 5k in 40 minutes for a while, but I'm going to keep running!

I'm also ready for a 5k charity run in a couple of months, already signed up! So I'll be focusing on improving my 5k time for that.

Thanks for all the kind words in this forum when I was struggling! ^_^

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Blimey that sounds seriously scary but so relieved to see that you've come out the other side. And you're running again 🤗 And brilliantly too! Well done on your achievements, you'll definitely be ready for that race.


You have done so brilliantly - it doesn't matter how long it takes, getting there is what matters. Well done !


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