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Just completed my very 1st run of C25K. 3yrs ago I had terrible plantar fasciitis due to too much running & not enough x-training. I've been attending a bootcamp for the last year which has made me strong, but I'm also 2 stones heavier than 3yrs ago. I've got a place in the Great North Run this year & want to do it for myself. Looking forward to getting back into running again & the support from the forums. Sam

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Welcome :) and congratulations for doing the first run!

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Welcome and congratulations on making a start, particularly with that history. I have never had PF but I did have a damaged Achilles so I know something of how long it takes to clear up. The C25K programme is designed to take you gently from the couch to starting to be a runner so follow it and you should be all right - but don't overreach, the Great North Run is a great ambition but a half marathon is quite a long way from where you are now. Others have made the transition that quickly but be careful you don't injure yourself again.

Good luck and keep us up to date with progress.


Will do & thanks for the welcome. I have a place in the GNR but if I'm not ready then I won't do it - it'll be dependent on many factors, it feels good to be back on it again 😊


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