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Parkrun and a nice surprise

Ran my first Parkrun this morning, after having to psyche myself up - I wasn't expecting to be so nervous, but I really was! Everyone was lovely, though, and I (somehow) ran the course in ~26 minutes, according to my watch. I was pretty confused about this - this is the nice surprise bit - but I concluded that if the course wasn't wrong, then my running app must be, since it said that I'd only run 2.8km after completing the 5K.

So that means that when I ran my 43 minute 5k on Thursday, I was probably running a bit more than 5K. So...yay?

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Just a thought, is it a two lap parkrun, if so did you do the two laps? A new park runner made that mistake at one of our local runs last week.

If not and you did run 5k that it a really brilliant time, well done! Very speedy!


I checked my map tracker just to be sure - the course is 2 laps of a field and then trails off to other parts of the park - and I did run both laps! So... Well, maybe I was just pushed on by being around other people? I'm sure the course was right - we'll see if I achieve a similar time next week, I guess!


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