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w4r3 done n dusted

as above , all done and dusted but repeating this next week as i go away and would like to run outside ( use dreadmill at the mo ) , im "loving" running and i know a lot have commented on the music but i think its great lol i think i would like to run to classical music , i dont have any but i think a musical crescendo as im pounding pavement would be bl@@dy amazing !! any recomendations ? :) happy running everyone x

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Try Tchaikovsky's 1918 overture!

And well done for sticking it out so far. Running outside is so much better than the treadmill, also because it has something to see - you concentrate less on how hard it is to keep running when you have nice scenery and the sun on your face :)

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Running outside is just fab! It's so flippin liberating I can't tell you.

Oh yes, running anthems and rousing tunes are great but you could hurt yourself if you go mad too soon. A huge classic would be the 1812

I know it's not classical but I really like Nina Simone's "Feeling Good". I love it! ( I think Anthony Newley wrote it mind you)


oh i meant for when i was a big girl runner without laura egging me on , certainly not ready yet to be over roused lol x i am going to try and make a playlist of stuff before hand though whilst i think on then i have no excuse :D


Good idea! It will give you a running-themed diversion for your non-run day. You'll enjoy that! You can record something mellow so you don't go too quick.

I think one we all have is Kenny Loggins"Footloose", which is fast but you could save that for your walk home (or to throw some mad shapes to if you are on the lonesome trail)

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