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Mind over marathon

Tonight the BBC broadcast a very interesting programme involving 10, now 9, volunteers with mental health issues who are training to run the London marathon. They have 20 weeks to train, some with very little running experience and others with more. It was very inspiring watching these people improve both their physical and mental being through running. Looking forward to see who runs in next week's episode!

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Thanks for the reminder! I had forgotten about it until I saw your post, so I've just caught up with it on iPlayer. Inspiring stuff!

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I couldn't agree more - I was glued to the programme. Having struggled with mental health problems (serious before but as they say "in remission!") and trying now for the fourth time to do the C25K programme I'm in awe of those guys. You want to know the "sad" thing though ... I was also looking at the stride lengths (generally longer than mine) and listening to what the coaches were saying about head position. Maybe this C25K stuff is getting to me, but I just wish I could have the motivation and start to enjoy the journey like some of these guys are doing. In particular, I loved how the coaches got people going back at the end of a training session to run in with the tail-enders: I could sure as hell do with that most days. I've done one Parkrun so far and I think it just might get near to that: I hope so.


I was so inspired - it was fantastic to see how quickly running was starting to improve their mental health and raise confidence. It certainly always raises my mood, which is why I run early so I am set for the day. Looking forward to next weeks programme to see them celebrating! 🏃


What a brilliant programme. I struggled with PND for a few years and it was rough. Running was better than any antidepressant I took and although I'm fine now it still gives me that headspace we all need.

I am truly willing them all on to keep going and get over that finish line. Good luck to all the marathon runners.


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