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For the second time I did a basic week 1 session outdoors today - I'm working on my brain training as running outside rather than on the treadmill has been a real psychological problem for me. Today there was no dog Oscar with me, he's now gone back home to the grandchildren. I did the week 1 session today in the glorious sunshine and set Laura on repeat, so that as before I could carry on to complete the local Parkrun 5K course. That meant that I got a long and very welcome break from running in the middle - the 5 minute warm-down and the 5 minute warm-up as the podcast repeated. Nonetheless it would have been a new PB and under 50 mins for the first time. Very slow, but it gives me a new target. I'm going to try a week 2 outdoors session next.


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  • I actually hate running on a treadmill, it feels unnatural and forced to me! I've only ever run outdoors so far and I love it, especially since the trees seem to have exploded with leaves in the last week or two and the sun is out more... It's good to be outside too, soak up some Vitamin D!

  • I think the treadmill is MUCH easier. It may be boring but that relentless human hamster wheel keeps going & so do I (otherwise I'd fall off the end!). I know I shouldn't but I also like having times and stuff in front of my nose. Having said that, I have had so many problems in my four attempts at this C25K programme so far, most of all trying to run outdoors and failing (practicing) that I've got to get past my mental block: I'm getting there, but it's hard hard hard. A W2 session outdoors is my next psychological mountain to climb (well hopefully mostly on the flat). By the way, YES it's better outside ... I suppose!

  • I admire you so much. You want this and you will do it, I'm sure. Well done for facing your gremlins, you're doing brilliantly. Having only ever run outdoors I can't compare with a treadmill, but the great outdoors seems a much better option to me! Have you got a watch so you can keep track of your statistics/timing etc? If you like that kind of thing it could help.

  • I've done both and in fact did a lot of the programme on the treadmill for my knee. I loved the treadmill and didn't want to venture outside for a few months after graduation so I understand how you feel. Then on Boxing Day many moons ago it was such a beautiful crisp day I thought I had to get outside. I haven't been back to the treadmill since ๐Ÿ˜Š

    I found outside running different not necessarily harder. The secret is to run even slower than we think we need to because we tend to run too fast outside. It sounds as if you're doing brilliantly here.

    You could alternate your runs David with one on the treadmill and the next outside and gradually build up the time running in the big outdoors.

    Good luck and keep us updated.

  • Thank you. I sometimes wonder if I just invent my own roadblocks as an excuse to let me be a wimp!! I got to week 6 in one of my C25K programme attempts on the treadmill, couldn't manage it, so yet again I then went back to the beginning because just dropping back a bit didn't get me started again. So far I've got to week 4 on the treadmill this time round but have decided to "cut" and try getting myself outside, primarily because I am determined to do my local Parkrun. Maybe 'mix & match' isn't a bad idea. I've walked a Parkrun and enjoyed it, wasn't last but I really want to run at least some of it!!

  • You're definitely not a wimp if you got to week 6! I've read some of your previous posts and must say you've had your share of the gremlins, haven't you?!

    If you feel much more comfortable on the treadmill then keep going and don't worry about running outside until/if you want to. That dilemma (should I, shouldn't I?) could be a distraction to getting the runs done.

    Running is running and at the end of the day it doesn't matter where we do it. There are many treadmill runners here and there are many outside runners here. We're all runners.

    I admire your persistence and sheer determination to keep going. You can do this David. We're all with you every step of the way ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • I love back-to-back C25K sessions. Sometimes, like you I've repeated one week. Or I do one session from one week, and one session from another. The possibilities are endless. Once I'm back up and running this will likely be my technique at the first Parkrun back. Sounds like you're finding a solution that works for you.

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