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Is anyone on Map My Run? I graduated C25K on Halloween last year, then did not run from mid-Nov until the end of March. I'm now back into 3 runs a week and can run 5k again, but I'm looking to up my performance. I currently run 1k in about 8m30s (though can be between 7m30 and 10m!) and was hoping to add people of similar fitness levels on the app to try to give myself motivation. I'm aiming to be able to run 5k in half an hour by this halloween, and to be capable of running 10k.

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Hi, I graduated the C25K a couple of weeks ago and am trying to run three times a week - my current plan is 2x2k to try to build up speed a bit and 1x5k to keep the distance. My current times are between about 7.30 to 8 minutes per k, but hoping to improve on that a bit. I am using Map my Run now that i have finished C25K so feel free to add me (Cally Lewis) i am sure it will help with my motivation too to have someone to train with (even if it is virtually)

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I think I've sent you an add, but I'm not sure. If not, I'm Amy Kinmond.


I have got you now. Looks like we have really similar runs so it should be good motivation for us both 😄


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