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No more weight loss

When I started C25K this time around I wanted to shed a few pounds, just to comfortably get back into some clothes that I had 'outgrown'. Happy to say I've achieved this, by a combination of running regularly and eating more healthily - I can't really be bothered to count calories. I know that they say you can't be too rich or too thin, but I don't really want to lose any more weight. Needless to say, neither do I want to stop running nor go back to bad eating habits. What is the best way to maintain my current weight?

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*Are* you continuing to lose weight?

Slightly more generous portions, or perhaps more snacking of a healthy sort might be the way to go if you are.


As Google says, more healthy snacks or slightly increased portion sizes.


With care!

Running regularly, walking as much as possible, eating and drinking sensibly as you have been doing. It's sustainable for sure. I have maintained my weight loss for 7 years in November. I attend my WW class regularly and I think that keeps me grounded. I quit drinking which makes things a whole lot easier ☺

Good luck ☺


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