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A bit early in the day!

Happy Easter all you lovely people! I've "borrowed" my grandchildrens' dog for the holiday weekend, so I've been thinking he might like my "baby steps" W1R1 outdoors trial tomorrow in my favourite park & maybe we could go on together to complete the 5K Parkrun course as I've done before, but without a four-footed companion. Anyway .... a holiday quote for you all: "The trouble with jogging is that the ice falls out of your glass!". Have a great day.

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Sorry, unless you've listened to Laura and learned about being a runner the other side of the hedge ....

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Briiliant David..sounds like a great plan..:) You have a lovely day too...x


😊 good luck with the dog. Be aware they are, like kids, unpredictable, and can zoom off at the least provocation 😨 Dogs always have other ideas 😊


Enjoy David. Happy Easter to you tooπŸƒπŸ»


That's an odd quote!

I go with MW.

My quote! Take dog for a walk, but not on a run..😊


Yes, it is an odd quote isn't it, but it amused me because of Laura advising against bobbing up and down and wasting energy (little minds & all that). I collect quotes that I like, not just about running but on all sorts of subjects, some just because they are amusing, others because I like profound as well. You could well be right about the walk but I think I'm going to risk it and keep him on a retracting lead. At least it should take my mind off the running intervals.


My dog is doing this C25K thing with me. She thinks I'm mad, but she is quite obliging. Occasionally we have to have an unplanned "comfort break" for her, and occasionally I have to remind her that we are not out to commune with the squirrels, but on the whole she trots along (on lead) quite merrily beside me. Good luck!


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