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Against the odds

I meant to write this yesterday, but ended up back in bed after my run, and doing little else for the rest of the day! After a weekend with a stinking cold (which really hit after I got back from the parkrun - still bragging about completing that!) I dithered about whether or not I should do my Monday run. I decided to go for it as I'm never sure what the rest of the week holds. I set off, already half deciding that this was going to be my first deferred pass (terminology pilfered from a course I attended a few years ago). Got half a mile up the road and realised I had forgotten my water, but couldn't be bothered to go back and start again so carried on. And I did it!! I ran for 28 minutes. Slow, very slow. Much slower than I had been on Saturday. More of a shuffle than a run, but I kept going. And realised that if I can do this feeling like I did, I can do the next 5 runs easily.

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I love deferred pass! well done, even with a cold


Good job :) I got a cold yesterday. On Sunday I run for 38 min ( I know, it against all the rules but if I didn't have to stop, why not run :) so I should go today again but my throat is really sore and have runny nose:( I think I will just go even if I manage only 15 min. Still better than nothing :)

You doing amazingly :) xxx


Keep going very slowly. Slow is the way to complete in safety 🙂

Have fun 🙂


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