Interval love!

Well, I went out late-ish last night (about 9.15pm) to do my regular intervals session, and decided to go with the Speed podcast rather than using Week 1, basically because it's a little shorter! ;)

I use this one regularly; sometimes it goes well, sometimes I walk bits of the slow sections. Last night was great! :D I don't know if it was the confidence continuing from Saturday's 5k, the nice evening, whatever, but although bits of it were tough, I was tougher! At one point there were a couple of 'young ladies' smoking and giggling in a bus stop, but I decided that I really truly didn't care whether they were giggling at me. If they were, it was their problem; if they weren't, then it didn't bother me either!

Got home feeling tired but oh so victorious - and discovered that this had been my quickest Speed session yet. Presumably that means I'm learning to lengthen my stride slightly rather than just having to take little steps to get them in quick enough. So yes, happy happy :)


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9 Replies

  • Sounds like a good run! I'm going to try this podcast soon - it seems to work for people :)

  • I like it because the initial 155bpm is just slightly over my normal steady pace. So the 165 is definitely quicker, and the 150 feels difficultly(!) slow in comparison. But because there are the vastly different speeds, I can vary what I do according to how I'm feeling - some days I'll walk some of the slow bits, other times I'll do it all properly, other times I'll go a bit quicker in the fast intervals without worrying about going at the pace it's setting. Lots of options :)

  • Love Speed.. still one of my favourites :)

  • Great run! I think you and I are using this in the same way. I try to run the fast bits but have to sometimes take a crafty walk for the slower bits.

    I did this again this morning and did my quickest pace so far. We just need to maintain the quicker pave over a longer distance teehee

  • If only it were so easy! ;) I'm wondering about trying Stamina at some point soon - I know at the moment it's far too quick for me, but perhaps if I can do the first minute or two of each segment at the 'correct' pace, then drop back to my usual steady snail-like pace, that might give me a base to work from gradually...

    I need to make a decision at some point soon about whether I'm wanting to focus on improving my 5k pace, or increasing my distance. I know to an extent the two go hand-in-hand, but it would be nice to get my 5k to a time that means I might stand a chance of 10k in less than about 90 minutes...!

  • Stamina is brilliant. just brilliant I love it... I went a bit overboard on using it after I graduated. I used it on Tuesday...on its own...but often use it as part of longer will soon get into it :) I have a run tomorrow and will be using it again...:)

  • I find stamina really difficult but i do try it every so often. Mixing things up is good 👍🏼

  • Wonderful... go you! :) Well done!

    I use Speed when I want a fast 3K... I always go over the 16 mins though..obviously... ! Run the last bit naked :) The fastest I ever did ages ago, was a 3K downhill, with a tailwind.. 18 minutes.. !!! That might have need the day when I had to hurdle over nettles and cow parsley too!

    It is great podcast to use when you are short of time or you just want a burst!

    You are buzzing! :)x

  • My, that is quite late to go out - I would be sleep running! Yes, I like speed as well. Really good for a short run. Haven't done stamina for ages so might try that tomorrow.

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