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C25k completed!

And I feel bloody fantastic! I never, ever believed I'd get this far- and I'm already missing Laura 🙁

So now I've set my sights on 10k and have 2 questions.......

Can anyone recommend apps that support the 5 to 10k leap?

I know it depends on the individual, but what's the experience of achieving the 10k goal in terms of weeks from completing C25k?

And finally a MASSIVE THANKYOU to all you lovely people for being so wonderful and supportive on the journey so far xx😘😘

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Congratulations graduate! Great achievement! Time to claim your badge! 🎓🍾⭐️🏅

Many consolidate their three runs a week and 5k distance as a starting point. There are the NHS 5k+ podcasts to help: Stepping Stones, Speed and Stamina. Each have their own challenge.

Then once you are ready there are Sami Murphy Bridge to 10k podcasts that many of us have used.

Everyone who aims for 10k (not everyone wishes to), takes different timescales to get there. The thing is to take it steady, listen to and look after your body, and importantly to enjoy the journey.

Happy running!


Congratulations. Getting to 10k need not take long, but a few weeks consolidation at 5k is a good idea. Many people find their first injuries come along when they are not under the guidance of a training plan, so be careful.

Try increasing one run per week by no more than 10% of your weekly total and you should stay away from the injury couch. There is a Healthunlocked forum for those moving up to 10 k.

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Congratulations - agree with the above.


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