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Overpronating so much even the Physio was shocked!

I've bee running for over a year so (stupidly it turns out) I decided I was ready to run 3 days in a row, not far - about 7.5k. I developed a pain in my hip so I went to see a physio and apparently my left foot REALLY overpronates.

I'm seeing a podiatrist for bespoke insoles but in the meantime I was wondering if anyone had any advice regarding running shoes. I've heard that Nike Lunarglide 8 are good, but don't fit everyone well. I know a good running shop will give me advice, but has anyone any personal experience?

I'm feeling really quite deflated. I was doing so well. :-(

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I would ask your podiatrist. I've been seeing a podiatrist (for the past year, but that's a long story 😊) as I over pronate slightly which throws my knee out and he has given me special insoles. He advises that I need neutral shoes but since I already had shoes for over pronation he adjusted the insoles accordingly. But apparently no shoe corrects over pronation, they just support the arch. Best ask the expert. Good luck!


The sizing and fit of shoes varies with the manufacturer, so somebody else's recommendation may not be good for you, regardless of the required support. A good running shop with a broad range of stock is the best place to go to find the best shoes for you.


Yes, Mr Truffe is giving good advice as always. Go to a good shop, they will help you. Most sports shops that do gait analysis will also refund or change shoes you don't get on with, a really good deal if you ask me. Ask first.


Thanks all. I always intended getting properly fitted. I was just after some personal experience.


Overpronator in both feet here. The first time I did C25k I didn't help my Achilles and had to stop running, but resumed last February and still at it 3x week. I have moulded orthotics. The actual support in the shoe may not be as important as finding a shoe with a high enough back as the insole raises your heel and some shoes are too shallow and you'll feel you're slipping out at the back (hope that makes sense, it's hard to describe!)

I have mizuno road shoes, asics runegade for real mud trail running and brooks for my crossover shoes. The brooks are probably the most comfortable but like others say, go to a really good shop and try them out. It's well worth it to avoid injury.

Also, ask your physio for exercises. I had to do eccentric calf exercises and still do them and they seem to keep my muscles strong.

Good luck.


Thanks. It's made me feel a bit happier knowing I should still be able to run without injury.

I've got some exercises from the physio, and I'm going to get new shoes tomorrow.

Helpful tip about the heel - I haven't got the actual insoles yet, I'm still using shop ones but I'll definitely get high backed ones.


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