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Hi everyone, I'm a graduate who has fallen into running on occasion, if I'm lucky. The winter months have caused me to drag my sorry bum. I have a 5K race scheduled for May 14th and then a 10K race that I really want to do on June 18th. Right now, I can't run more than 10 minutes without needing to walk. So I've decided to back up to week 3, Run 1, and try to re-train/re-condition myself step by step. When I did the program the last time, it was all treadmill at a max of 5.0 mph (average 4.6). This time, I'd like to train at 6.0 mph so I can gain some speed and hopefully set a new PR for the 5K in May. I'm hoping that by doing this, I will be able to get 10K ready in 10 weeks. Any words of encouragement and advice are appreciated. Especially for the 10K... that seems like a dream oh so far away right now.

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Build up slowly. I have just started running again after an enforced break and am pleased how my fitness is picking up well. Once you get into it again you may well find the same, but start slow and steady and work up gradually rather than half killing yourself.

Good luck, and happy running :)

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Your first couple of sentences are the reason for your current predicament and the solution is to re-do the programme from an achievable starting point, week 3 if you think it's appropriate. Forget all about speed though, the key is time. Once you've got back to running for 30 continuous minutes then consolidate that position by running regularly, 3x 30mins per week without fail. That will give you a good fitness base to get you through the 5k race. Along the way your conditioning (and hence speed) will improve naturally. If you finish each 30 minute session with something in reserve then try to up things a little during the next session. No need to go mad, just step it up a little and even try to sprint for the last 30 seconds. After the 5k race (or sooner if you feel up to it), add a longer, slower run to your weekly schedule. Nice and slow but eek out the distance on subsequent runs. You've got enough time to prepare for both races but you need to commit if you want to turn that dream in to reality. Good luck and let us know how it goes!


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