Week 5, run 2c (sooner or later I'll move on - but for the moment, I'm settling for making it out of the door - this was the stage at which I gave up when I tried this last year) and the weather has warmed up to the point that I don't want to wear the softshell jacket that has been part of my rig thus far. But I need to carry stuff: phone, keys, dog poo bags. I'm also starting to think that a little water bottle might be a good idea. Tried a bum-bag on Friday and found it quite irritating, but it's a cheapy one with a very narrow waist-band, so maybe one with a broader belt would sit better. Or some sort of a lightweight top with pockets? Or put panniers on the dog? (that wouldn't help with the phone, mind you, the wires on my earphones aren't long enough. What does everyone else do?


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  • I use a flipbelt in the summer. It takes phones, keys, plastic bags, money and even tissues and you don't even notice it's there. Haven't worked out what to do about liquids yet.

  • There's a whole variety of belts etc., out there, it's a bit trial and error. I've got a couple of basic belt bags, different sizes depending on what I want to carry. I hate having to carry anything in my hands, so I'd hate one of those hand grip bottles, I'd end up throwing it away mid run! 😂

    I've got a couple of bottle belts for longer runs - or anytime I want to take water with me. Mine sit in the small of my back - ones got a bigger pocket - big enough for a smart phone, and Scooby snacks/gels - it's great the brand is Zikee, someone on here recommended it, very good value on the magic Internet market place 😄. The bottles are small 2 x 180ml which suits me fine - my longest training runs have been 20k and that amount of water with me has been plenty. The waist band is wide and very comfortable. (It's funny the sound of sloshing water as you run though.....you do get used to it 😂)

    I used to wear them on my hips, but over time I've preferred it on my waist - I do have to stop to swivel it - as I've got used to the pouch and bottles being at the back, but I don't mind that - as i can't run and drink/eat at the same time 😂

    Others on here will have great advice about poop bags too......🐶

    As for choons, my iPod has a clip, and I clip it to my bra, otherwise if using a phone, you could feed your earphone wire from the pouch....

    Hope that helps


  • I have the Zikee one and did recommend it on here.. :) Don't know if anyone else did :)


    I am very happy with it too :)

  • Yes, that's it, I couldn't remember who had recommended it 🤔 ☺️.. (thanks Floss ! ) .......but that's how I ended up with mine, and yes, I think it's great too , better than a rather more expensive one I bought.......😬


  • A fairly cheap running belt - with a clip so strong that sometimes I can't undo so I just loosen it and step out of it.

    It has two pockets - one takes my small emergency phone, my door key, a tissue and a £5 note. The second one takes my iPod Nano. That's it.

    I didn't get on with the belt immediately but it was worth persevering and now I don't even notice it.

    Bluetooth earphones (I only wear one) are worth a try too.

  • Useful to know it's worth persevering. I'm not that keen on the belt I have but it probably is the best one for my needs and hopefully I won't notice it after a while. Thanks!

  • Can use a body belt, wife sometimes holds a small water bottle in warmer months, it doesn't bother her. I have running shorts and trousers with zipped pocket's in the back..

  • The first time I read this, I thought your wife carried your water bottle for you... 😊

  • That made me chuckle Dpsl!

  • Another vote for the flip belt. Very happy with mine.

    In terms of water, some people hate to carry a bottle in their hands but personally, I am very happy with the ring/doughnut shaped ones like this:


  • Good question. I got a step-through fabric belt but I'm not sure it's the best solution. It's an additional layer and not that comfortable. So I'm interested in the responses you'll get, although I don't have to worry about dog poo bags.

  • I generally run with nothing larger than my door key. On the rare occasion I take a bottle, i stash It down my crop top once I have finished with it

  • I have to take keys did i drive to nearest village with lights and pavements for my run

    Couldn't get on with armband phone holder so splashed out 99p at charityshop for bum bag not elegant but practical

  • Very good question. I am interested in all the answers.

    I tried armband, but it didn't work for me, as my phone is not the smallest one. Now I am using belt:


    It is not perfect, but I can fit in 3 poo-bags, my keys, few tissues, my huge phone (that barely fit in) with wire for earphone sticking out from zip as the dedicated pocket is too small. In my running shorts I have a zipped small pocket in the back, but I don't like to put there anything else than a tissue or a poo-bag, my previous (smaller) phone was getting all sweaty there :/

    I'll probably try Flipbelt as recommended in here.

    I am drinking before and just after run, so I don't take water with me. At least not yet. Anyway I need to carry leash in hand, not comfortable at all as I have big, heavy one (600 or 800g). As I also hate carrying anything in my hands, I will probably invest in some kind of the hands free bungee dog leash.

  • Flip belt for me too. I've read it's really not good to run carrying anything, and if you ever see a runner with something in their hand, even something light like a phone, have a look and see what it does to their style. I imagine it could cause a real imbalance if you always carried your water or whatever in the same hand.

  • Thank you all you lovely helpful people. I went out this morning with my new Flipbelt, and that was absolutely fine and exactly what I need. When I bought it, I also splashed out on one of their very small water-bottles - it is VERY small, but I am doing very small runs and to be able to have a little gulp of water during the recovery walk was brilliant, and was probably the reason that I actually managed the second 8-minute "run" without needing to take a walking break in the middle. Hurrah!

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