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Good morning to you

Having been in London for a few days and with my running gear in my suitcase I decided I would venture out this morning for my first w9 run.

My route was along the Thames towpath near Twickenham- fantastic.

Who would ever have thought I would dare to run at 7.30 am in London? Certainly not me at the beginning of the year.

The reason for posting though was my determination to say morning to fellow runners. Reactions varied from total ignoring, an astonished reply or a facial expression. I came to the conclusion that runners around here obviously don't expect others to greet them.

Well this morning those runners had a greeting from me! I hope they liked it.

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I'm sure if they were c25kers they would have smiled and waved...😊

That sounds like an interesting run along by the Thames.

Enjoy the rest of your graduatuon week, you can be sure we are rooting for you here.. 😊


Well done. Especially running in unfamiliar place. Sounds like a nice place to run.

I rarely meet other runners. I do try to at least give a "nodding greeting" . Have said Hi or hello in past and usually get no response. I don't worry about it. If the "etiquette" is not to do greetings then I just live with it !

This morning in the rain I actually passed someone running in opposite direction. I gave a smile but not even a smile back ! You would think even a smile back would acknowledge something recognising some solidarity that perhaps we were "both mad being out in this weather" !

It could just be that perhaps if there are a lot of runners about it may become a bit "wearing" after a while to greet everyone ?

Anyway at least everyone on this site appreciates us !!

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Ha, ha grumpy lot.....or maybe just 'in the zone'. Joepublic might be right, if there are lots of runners it might get a bit annoying having to say morning to everyone but a nod of acknowledgement would be nice. Glad you had a good run.


Well done I just give pepole a wave

Can't talk and breathe at the same time


I try to acknowledge other runners especially when out in a wet and windy day and I usually get a reaction. I give the benefit of presuming that those who don't are concentrating very hard!!!!

But they are a mostly a friendly lot here on the South Coast .

Keep going and waving - it's good to do.


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