And here we are again.... I hope

I have been reading posts on here on and off for ages. I used to post all the time. I did C25k 3 yrs ago. I didnt look back. I would still look at your posts and reply now and then. I have done 5 half marathons and got my 5k time down to 30.42. A miracle!

I started having pain in my back after a year and saw physio's, had sports massages off various people, x rays (i was diagnosed with sciatica) and as a last resort went to a chiropractor. My big toe was twisted in the joint. It may have been like it for 4 or 5 years as I can pinpoint a few balance issues. He was the only one to notice. Last july I was fixed. I am still recovering. My longest continuous run is 1 mile. My 5k time is back to 40+ and my half marathons are no longer an option. I had a check up and all is well and I asked about swelling that appeared last weekend and all he could say is that I should go back to training and if it happens again I may have a stress fracture!

A few weeks ago I decided to start c25k again. I did one run and had to stop. I feel like there is always something wrong with me! I had a cold that lasted 6 weeks over christmas. I had gastroentoritis this week too. Its like my body is falling apart!

Im doing run 1 again today. Fingers crossed!

Sorry for the moaning!


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9 Replies

  • Oh dear what a catalogue of woes. It must be very frustrating for you. It sounds though like you are ready to get going again. Just steady like 😀 Do a run round the block, rest and evaluate.

    I have had arthritis in my big toe for years but I keep the symptoms at bay by a daily fish oil capsule. That's all. It is stiffer so I tend to wear my shoes out over the big toe nail 🙄

    Good luck with Run 1 😀 We'll be interested to hear how you get on 🙂

  • Best of luck.

  • Thanks both. Have been in a panic over this but all well. 5k complete with a 5 min walk start and finish and 1 min intervals totalling just shy of 46 mins. So far no pain. I feel aweful as I only seem to be talking about negative stuff at the moment. However its a long recovery 8 months so far. My body is stronger than its ever been by doing body pump and a strength plan for my lower back. Now its time to work on the running. Running for happiness not speed at the moment. Happy running all

  • Hope your back legs and feet continue to behave themselves- you've been through the mill but you've not given up - that is worth sharing xx

  • Thank you. Just relaxing after doing run 2

  • Maybe sticking with run/walk for a little while is a good idea to get your body used to it, build your confidence back up and trust yourself and what you can really do. Well done on starting again and congratulations on previous achievements!

  • Thank you. Im really enjoying the process. I dont think I have ever been this strong or fit for that matter. Check up tomorrow and back in full swing then 💪

  • Yay for feeling buff! I hope your check up goes well! x

  • Thank you 😉

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