One of those runs

I graduated about 10months ago and have been consistently running 2-3times a week since. It hasn't all been plain sailing and today was definitely one of *those* runs.

One of *those* runs that starts the same as any other run -fuelled, hydrated, music on. One of *those* runs when my legs immediately feel like lead. One of *those* runs where my earphones fall out. One of *those* runs where I'm 2k round and my breathing feels like I've already ran at least 2 marathons. One of *those* runs where my earphones fall out again. One of *those* runs where I have to walk up inclines that I normally manage with (relative) ease. One of *those* runs where I am so slow I'm overtaken by a toddler making a bid for freedom from his parents. One of *those* runs where I felt like wailing like the aforementioned toddler when his parents catch him. One of *those* runs where my earphone fall out YET AGAIN. One of *those* runs where I passed approx 5 runners and not one of them gave me a friendly wave. One of *those* runs where I was cursing the running gods with each laboured step. One of *those* runs where I sulkily walked the last km home.

But the difference between now and a year ago? A year ago, I viewed *those* runs as a sign that I wasn't meant to be a runner. Now I see it differently. Now I see *those* runs as proof that I AM a runner. If I can make it through runs like that (no matter how much walking and swearing is involved) then I can make it through any run!!


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9 Replies

  • Wow! What an inspirational read! Might just have to print this out and stick on my fridge.

    You're absolutely right and well done for getting through this tough run! :)

  • It's taken me a while to become so philosophical about those runs. I always assumed that all runs would be magical after graduation, with not a 'practice' run in sight. Alas, the tough runs are still there but the gremlins seem to be quieter about them :-) x

  • Massive well done, very uplifting xx

    Yep, *those* runs are definitely sent to test our gumption!

    I'm riled by the other runners though- shame on them. I don't care what level or stage you are, and I don't expect curtsies and fanfares, a wee smile or shared eye contact and grimace is the minimum we can all manage for eachother! I am very lucky, the ones on my common plodding paths are 'real' runners- by 'real' I mean often come in pairs, casually chatting away whilst belting along at twice my pace but obviously on their easy run day lol- yet they all manage an acknowledgement.

    Fingers crossed the next run makes up for this one :)

    🏃🏃🏃 Keep going :)

  • I find a wee acknowledgement from other runners gives me a boost when I'm having a tough run. I like the feeling of 'being in it together' even though I'm running on my own. I usually come across friendly folk but I guess they were all having a day off today lol x

  • Absolutely! At least you felt like that during a run when you could probably feel the same or worse about a whole bunch of things while sitting on the couch doing nothing. Absolutely brilliant attitude - it's sometimes so hard to put it into perspective at the time so well done to you for being able to do that. The next one will be great, I'm sure of it. :)

  • Fingers crossed! Even bad runs are miles on the legs so I try to be philosophical about it. And as you point out, it beats the couch! X

  • Great post ! I'm about 8 months since graduating and I used to categorise my runs as "Good, bad or ugly". Thinking about it in the grand scheme of things in terms of time and distance out running there was never much difference between them.

    I think probably as you that the main thing is that despite how good bad or ugly the previous run we get back out there and do it again ! When compared to the lethargic being I was last year and to my health physically and mentally now it's all good !

    At the end of each run it doesn't always sink in straight away but I still have a smile on my face eventually. There is just a delayed reaction if the run wasn't quite as good as previous.

  • You've hit the nail on the head - no matter how tough/bad the run is, it's what we do next that counts. And getting out there after those runs to do it again only proves we are runners. I can absolutely relate when you compare how you feel now to how you felt last year before you started running. Its amazing the difference a few months can make :-)

  • Amen!

    Great post. There's no predicting these runs either...

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