Getting to know my lungs!! Must be a couple of flabby sacks

Have been doing my long, slow runs for about a year now and really enjoy them but have often fallen prey to that nagging runner's doubt: am I TOO slow? So now alongside my usual long runs, I've started to redo the C25K but this time running much faster. It is certainly a challenge. Legs are alright, no gremlins but oh my dizzy aunt - my lungs.

Gasp, wheeze, pant but I'm sticking with it. I know the C25K works so I think this will help me run a 5K much faster if my heart doesn't give out.

And I thought I was fit!


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10 Replies

  • Good idea! I often take Laura out on week 1, doing the running bits as fast as I can and slowing down to a jog on the walking bits. It is very tiring! The first couple of speedy runs are really fun, but by no. 7 and 8 I'm always longing for them to be over!

  • Oh yes, towards the end when she says, get ready for another run now, I'm always thinking, surely it is the final run! Never is though. I am walking between the runs, think I would have a seizure if I jogged through them. Well done you!

  • I do similar JSS, my you know you've done it. It is great to mix things up though🏃🏻‍♀️💪🏻

  • Yeah, it's really tiring. But does have its compensations - on my last run I went streaking past another runner and left her for dust. It felt good, but I felt a little guilty as we see each other quite often and it didn't seem very polite. I nearly called out "I'm doing intervals", but didn't have the breath! She'd have seen anyway as I slowed down 30 secs later🏋🏻

  • When you say 'streaked' past her ?????? Teehee, silly girly laughter 😆😆😆

  • Well it is getting warmer over here😂

  • Good idea.

    Nothing at all wrong with long slow runs, they are my favourites too but to maximise/improve aerobic fitness you do have to get that heart rate up towards it's limit quite regularly.

    Everyone (except the sadists amongst us) hates intervals but they are probably the most effective way of doing this. I like Yasso 800's (800m fast and about 5 minutes slow) over 5km. Maybe some food for thought.

  • Thanks Dunder. I've taken that one onboard. Sounds like a good plan.

  • Thats a great idea boptillyoudrop. I think I could do something like that too as I am only doing twice a week at the moment... 😊 its a plan. xxx

  • I don't manage to re-run the C25K 3 x a week since I am still doing my regular runs but maybe twice a week. It is making a difference though and I am progressing.

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