My first 5k (treadmill)

My first 5k (treadmill)

Hello folks. I haven't been going to the gym long after what feels like a 2 year break. I've never been that fit, over weight and plain lazy. I have a 4 year old daughter and Im sick of making excuses. I joined up at my local gym and got back on the runner. First time hurt like mad. I knew I was unfit but this proved it. Like hitting a brick wall within 5 minutes. I didn't go back for a week and tried again. Felt better all round and I managed 30 mins light jog and some brisk walking. Nothing spectacular but I got there and set a benchmark. Couple more visits and I got 3k down both times and I started to get excited by it when someone mention Park runs on a Saturday morning. I bought some new gear, shorts, top and short tights ( for the chaffing) . I may not need all the new gear but it made me feel more 'up for it' I guess. So amongst all the 2k rows and circuit training I always warmed up first with a run. This morning I pushed myself to get 5k completed no matter what and didn't care how I did it. Stepped off the treadmill, took a photo and I sunk my head between my knees. I was knackered, my calves were buzzing and quite frankly I felt sick. But I got up, went upstairs and did some light weights to finish and drove home to a hot shower, happy I've met my first goal before I'm ready for the park runs. What's more I was so in the mood for more I spent the morning at work helping the bin guy by sprinting with the big dumpsters up and down the service yard. Today was a good day.


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4 Replies

  • Congratulations! What an achievement!

    Do make sure you have a really good rest for a day (or even two) now, after pushing yourself like that. The rests are as important as the running.

    Well done though.

  • Thanks Anne I will. I've done 2 runs including this one so far this week. By end of the week I'll be ready again. even if I to be honest want to just go again right now . I hope that's a good sign.

  • It sounds like you are taking my original approach to running - do nothing for years then try to run 2 or 3k the first time out! C25K takes you gently through to running for 30 minutes in 9 weeks - you did it in one. Good on you if you can do that but my body was not ready for it and I damaged my Achilles and couldn't walk properly for months, let alone run. Just remember you're in this for the long run (geddit?), not to do one park run and return to the couch waiting to recover from an injury.

  • Yeah most definitely but I can't stress enough I was in no way running the whole way. I can basically do 10 mins run before it hurts too much in my chest atm. If I slow to a walk for 5 mins and then take off again I can keep going. But yeah I should probably break up my sessions a bit more and take my time. Felt good to know I can push myself when I need to however. Thanks for the reply.

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