Not too late!

At 61, obese & never run in my life I decided to try this- very nervously! I started going with'parkrun' with a friend, it was mostly walking though. Then last week plucked up the courage to go out publicly on my own, and surprise surprise I am enjoying it- that shocks me beyond words!

I've always believed it was bad for joints especially older ones that hurt anyway- but the medical evidence appears to be proving otherwise, so I'm going to get to running 5K, no matter how long it takes, & I'm not in a hurry.


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  • We are here as devotees of the Couch25k programme. Have you downloaded the podcasts or app?

    It can get everyone running with it's sensible run walk run approach which builds up gradually over nine weeks. Give it a go,if you've not already done so 😀

  • Sorry yes, I didn't make that clear in my post- I am following the programme & using the app- I think it's great, I wouldn't have known where to start without it, & probably never would.

    I got a 2nd hand wiifit for Christmas & have been building a little stamina with that before even feeling I could start C25K. So I am taking things gradually. Thank you for the support on here.

  • You have come to the right place then!


    There are a few of us slightly more mature folk here.. I am a sprightly 66!

    You have made the hardest step, deciding to do this.. go you! So... follow the C25K programme.. it is brilliant.. have you got the links ?

    The thing you will hear all the time on here, is slow and steady. it is the way to get to Graduation and running for thirty minutes, injury free.

    Take your rest days, they are so important, and other exercises on rest days is helpful too. Many of us did Strength and Flex.. there is a link on the site to that and found it useful! But walking, yoga, cycling or swimming... anything you like!

    The support on here is amazing.. tips , advice and encouragement.. we will be with you all through this running journey.. so if you keep posting your runs you will stay motivated!

    Looking forward to your first Week 1 Run 1 post! :)

  • Thank you for the support.

  • Now I have read your reply to misswobble , I see you are on the way!

    Which week are you on ?

  • Ha ha just week 1 only 2nd run this morning- my knees are complaining, otherwise ok so far!

    My biggest obstacle was going out on the streets- felt embarrassed- but hopefully getting over that each time.

  • Go you..!

    There are loads of folks who felt nervous and self conscious about heading out for the first time.. but people mostly are more concerned about doing whatever they are doing, to notice us..if they do it is because they are jealous and wish they were out there running!

    I have a favourite quote... ( I love quotations :))

    " Self- confidence is the best outfit,. Rock it and own it! "

    Soon you will be out there in all kinds of funky gear, not giving too hoots! :)

    Well done!

  • Loving that quote Oldfloss so true :D

  • Embraased?LOL - wait until mischievous son tucks a pair of skimpy panties into your belt bag and in the middle of your run in a very public park you think you are mopping your browser with your trusty bandanna ...Then you will know true embarrassment :)

  • Hahahahahahahahaha

  • Sorry I just spat my water onto the laptop! That's so funny, I like your son's sense of humour and yes I can imagine it was a tad embarrassing. :)

  • I remember that post! :) x

  • Me too... and how long it took to try and erase the picture from my brain!

  • You are just a youngster Oldfloss, oops sorry, I meant youngfloss

  • We have Baz in Oz who is our oldest runner, i think 😀 I think he is well over 70 odd 😀 Lots of us late 50s and 60's so it's never too late. You're here now, which is the important thing

    Enjoy the sessions. They're fun! Ok,so maybe not the best weather, but spring is just round the corner

  • As a confirmed non-runner, I can honestly say that c25k is the most incredible programme. I honestly thought I was 'too old', 'too fat', 'too unfit' and definitely too slow to ever get any benefit or even make it through. Then I met the wonderful people on here and realised there is no such thing as too slow. I still think I'd never have made it without the support of the folk on here and I'm grateful every day that I can run (very slowly)!

    Enjoy the programme and keep posting😊😊

  • You go for it girl. The programme works really well, and you'll get lots of encouragement in here, especially when the going gets tough.

  • Thank you.

  • Welcome. Thanks for an inspiring post. You sound as though you are really determined, and really enjoying it!

  • You will change your life wonderfully with C25K - read the early posts of Graduates and then as they progress through the programme. :)

  • Welcome to the family. Next time you go out remember that we're watching from our ring-side seating in cyberspace and cheering your every step!

  • Well done you for getting out there & running. Don't give a hoot for what anyone thinks, we all have to start somewhere & those that criticise are probably envious of you because chances are they aren't doing anything. The program is brilliant & the support on here is brilliant. Keep us posted on your progress xxx

  • Well done you! Keep going and just follow what Laura tells you and believe me you will make it. I am a runner but however I damaged back before Xmas and was off work for a while. A way once I became well again I thought that doing c25k would help me back into running and it is helping a lot I'm 59 now so don't give up and yes it's a great feeling once you achieve your goal if I Carolina it so can you Congrats!!😄

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