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W6R3 - Laura, we're runners!

Little snow flurries here today. Legs felt like lead even before I went out. After the brisk walk warm-up during which time I just seemed to get colder and colder, the first five minutes of jogging were tough. And then suddenly Laura said I was half way - where did that 7 minutes go? But the snow flurries were pretty and being in the park rather than round the housing estate was distracting. The last five minutes, uphill were tough but the traffic lights obligingly turned red for the traffic so stopping for a cheeky 30 seconds break wasn't an option!

So, W7 starts on Monday.

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Yay, you're a runner now😊 Week 7 is the best!


Yahoo, you did it. Well done. You are officially a runner now. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

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Well done Slow! It is so hard to believe that we can now run for 25 whole minutes isn't it?! Being totally knackered on Week 1 is a distant memory for us. How could we be that unfit? And now, just a few weeks later be able to accomplish the big 25! :D Can't get my head around it - can you?...xx

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Well done SSKKS😊

You are definately on the home straight now..and definately a RUNNER.. 🏃😄


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