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A game of snakes and ladders!

Well after reaching Week 6, Week 2 last September and having to stop due to major surgery I finally got back out there again today I confess I was supposed to start yesterday but then I had 'forgotten' a dentist appointment and the day just disappeared (excuses I know but I prefer to do early in the morning).

So it wasn't too bad (not as bad as I was expecting at least) :P did have to jog past a group of workmen which I didn't relish and did think about just walking past them and starting again once they were out of sight but no I gave myself a talking to and just ran past them and kept to the programme. :) :) Week 1, Day 1 = Done!!

So, it's good to be back! :) :)

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Yay! Well done you! That's the worst over with.


Excellent, well done for keeping going even past the workmen. Hopefully they were so busy working they hardly noticed you at all. 😀


Back out on the road again - good on you!☺


Well done - sounds like a good start :)


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