Couch to 5K


Just thought people would like a chuckle at my so called "supportive" other half.

Didn't do my run on Friday - too lazy to get out of bed! Saturday morning, knew I had to do this to keep on track. Asked OH for some encouragement. Got told "either get up and go or shut up!" Charming. Then he added, "it's not as frosty as it has been".

So, I got up (I didn't shut up, though - talked to him the whole time I was getting ready!) Went outside - not frosty? I've seen less frosting on a wedding cake! Still, I'm out now, so may as well continue.

Music wouldn't play on my phone, so had to run with no music. Not good. It seemed to take forever!

Good news! Music back on phone and motivation back. If I need any more motivation, my teddy bear gives me a long "bear stare", and off I go!

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Ha ha! Resistance is futile. Just get out there and get it done. It's much less hassle

Technical hitches get on one's wick big time but these things happen. Just try and keep in mind THE RUN. Everything else is peripheral kerrap!

Have a "zip a di doo dah", for getting out there. Well done!

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Lol, "supportive" indeed! But it worked... ;)

Well done for getting out there, and for running even without music 😳 :D


The best incentive would be to pick up some frost on the way back and wake up hubby with a nice cuddle.

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I find it is best just to get up, get dressed & just get out there. Well done for running g with no music, I sing when that happens to me or I make up songs as I am.running along, makes the time go faster. Lovec he bear stares lol


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