My nemesis awaits

Just done W3R3 on my C25K repeat programme. Felt OK but the pace was slow (I know, all the advice from this forum, from Laura, from my marathon-running friend etc,) I'm trying to do what I'm being encouraged to do but it doesn't stop my gremlins telling me it's too slow and hardly counts. Well, snails pace or not, for me it's now come to the time for a mental as well as a physical challenge, because it was in Week 4 that my gremlins won the last time and convinced me there was no chance of me doing this thing at all and got me to give up. They didn't do a very thorough job though, I'm very glad to say, 'cos I'm back again!


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12 Replies

  • Yeay... Gremlins.. who needs them?

    No such thing as too slow.. as long as you don't's fine, it counts :)

    Please try and lose the 'too slow' thought... honestly; take it from me, the original Grey Snail... when I started... on the road down to my fields, everyone overtook me, and they were walking!

    Not any more... :) It comes, when you want it and when you feel you need it...You can do this.. steady and slow, you can get a great pace going even at a slow speed.. focus on your feet, your arms, your shoulders...

    I used to listen to Laura and try and remember and do what she suggested, relax your shoulders your face, arms brushing your sides, hands not clenched., by the time you have focused on all that, the run is done...; so just enjoy, look around you and do it :)

  • Don't listen to the gremlins! If I can run 5k anyone can - stick with it, don't worry about speed :) Good luck!

  • You will adjust your pace to make completing each run time and not injure your legs, well done. Every run, every week we were asking our legs to do more and slowing down is a great way to make it achievable, so don't worry, we have all felt worried we are too slow at the early stages. I used to think if I ran any slower, I could be going backwards. But I graduated and managed each new challenge because I ran at a comfortable pace and let that adjust depending on how I felt. Nowadays, I have a steady pace which is comfortable for me, I graduated a year ago now and my speed has grown with my fitness. Trust yourself and don't worry at all about speed or distance - as long as you do the run times, you pass (with flying colours)!!

  • Well done on W3R3, I knew you'd get back on track. don't worry about speed - that'll come I'm sure.

  • Thanks, but I already fear I'll have nightmares about W4. It may seem OK to you now, because you've survived it and moved into W5 (OK temporarily on IC) but I can't imagine how I'll ever manage a 5 minute run - doesn't it sound "not much" when you write it down like that .....

  • Well done and definitely don't worry at all about pace at this stage. You are still very, very early in your running journey and your leg strength and heart/lung function will develop massively as you go on to longer distances.

    In terms of the gremlins, don't sweat it. I am sure you will be fine but even if 5 mins proves to be a little bit too much at this stage, what's the problem? There is nothing at all wrong with repeating a run.

  • Oooh those them who's boss! You are stronger than they are :)

  • No such thing as too slow - I'm currently working on going slower! (setting off too fast and not being able to run for 30 minutes!)

    You CAN do this! :)

  • If you don't feel ready for week 4 yet then maybe repeat week 3 again this week? You will still be improving strength and fitness levels and it's better than giving up. Then when you are ready to try week 4 it might not be as bad :)

  • You could be right, and this second time round I am determined not to give up. I've allowed myself time & "cut myself some slack" to repeat days and weeks. I'm going to try W4 starting tomorrow and I'll see what happens. I agree though that if necessary I should go back to week 3 & repeat it if that's what it takes to keep going. An amusing thought just went through my head as I was typing this ... I have a personal trainer once a week at the gym - maybe instead of standing there and telling me what to do he should come out for a run with me instead!

  • Sounds like a great idea! Nothing like a bit of company to spur you on as well :)

  • Slow is good! Think about how much faster you're going than if you were sat on the couch. :) Week 4 is quite a jump up but you CAN do this! Stay slow (I'll say again - slow is good!) and you'll be fine.

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