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W7R1 - Faster and further!

Well, my second 25 minute run went off well tonight, I pushed a little bit harder and at the end of the run I had run further (.14Km more) and upped my overall pace by .35Kph compared to Monday's 25 minute run.

Not a big improvement I know but an improvement none the less :)

These longer runs are a bit of an experience, it gives you plenty of time to sort out your pace and breathing and modify either as required - quite enjoyable.

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That's good stuff. Not quite into the long runs yet - wk6 run 2 completed yesterday - but I know what you mean about getting into it , adjusting rhythm and pace. I actuialy feel like I'm going slower each time as I start cautiously hut my stats are getting gradullay quicker and further...


Thanks, yeah - it's a strange thing this running business. I never thought for a minute that it would be addictive.


Well done..keep it slow and steady and use your happy pace to get you to the podium :)


Nicely done


Well done and it sounds as though it's going well


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