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W1D3 - positivity slightly waning

Beautiful sunny day here but lack of sleep meant I was not looking forward to the run at all. But, it was in the diary, so had to be done. Warm clothes on, trainers on, podcast on and off I went. At least the footpaths were clear of the dejected christmas trees obstacles which had been littering the past couple of runs. Note to self to clean glasses properly before a run - sunshine was lovely but like running into a fog! Still, made me forget how sluggish my legs felt and by the last of the 8 running minutes I missed Laura telling me it was time to stop and walk thanks to a chainsaw which started up as I was running past. Still, at least I know I'm good for the 90 second runs in week 2. Keep on keeping on everyone.

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Well done SSKKS 😊..

Keep positive, you finished week 1 yeah!

Week 2 is totally doable and (there are less runs).. you CAN do it.

Good luck.

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Well done! We'll keep being massively positive for you until you catch back up with the positivity. ;)

As you say, you know you can do the 90s now, so that's the big worry for week 2 diminished... And with only 6 run intervals to get through each time, it's definitely doable. :)

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It is good that you have made running a non-negotiable thing. Something not to be questioned, just done. It is in the diary, so you do it. This is the hardest part, I think you should be pleased to have achieved that.


Positivity vibes coming your way! You're doing brilliantly and so good that you 'book' your runs in in advance. Even though you say positivity waning, you sound really upbeat. Keep it up :)


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