W1D1 Just DID IT!!!!!

Literally just stopped SHOUTING (internally of course) and started writing this.

Oh the rollercoaster of emotions.

1) Easy peasy I can do it at the beginning to,

2) Jesus, 90 seconds over already? to,

3) Oh god I am going to die near the ditch behind this tube station in the middle to,

4) Ducking finally, its over!

Sorry. Just overly enthusiastic.

Worst part: The hit to the ego pains as much as my legs now.

Best part: It's only going to get better!

10+ years of smoking+drinking and a year of being clean (2016).

2017 started with a bang!

Happy New Year everyone!

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17 Replies

  • Well done! It is a rollercoaster but always worth it. Good luck, I am sure the weeks will pass quickly.

  • Oh thanks!

    I will try my best. :)

  • Well done good start to the new year.

  • You just made the best start to the New Year,,, ever! Welcome...

    Lots more just like that one... and it gets better and better!

  • Sounds like you've had a stellar couple of years. Congratulations. The running will get easier, though I admit I still have days where my run follows your post to the T.

  • Well done...Still need to take the plunge

  • Take the plunge MotherPip, you won't regret it. We're all in this together. I never believed it was possible for someone my age, size (and with a hyperactive lazy gene) to get through this programme but the support on here is phenomenal and if I can, anyone can!

  • I would say go for it!

    I once was responsible for a good chunk of global warming with my continuous smoking. It took me a year to recover a little bit.

    If I can with my broken lungs, anyone can!

  • Well done for taking those first steps!! And welcome :)

  • Oh what a fabulous post! Please do the same after each run :) If you can, keep a run diary. As you progress it will really help when you look back and see how much you have accomplished. You will realise you are capable of things you never dreamed possible! Really looking forward to your posts. Good luck with run number two :)

  • Brilliant , Well done ! :-) xxx

  • Well done! We all felt like that at first and, although it's hard work, it does get better.

  • What a brilliant post, sums it all up perfectly! Running for 60 seconds at a time sounded impossible for me in the beginning but the plan works so well. Good luck on your path to 5k. We'll all be here rooting for you :)

  • The best advice is to follow the programme but adapt it if you need to (re-do a week here or there). Try to just keep going, you can always do a little bit more. The early weeks can be hard as your body adjusts. You can get pain in shins, Achilles, muscle pulls etc but then it gets better and once you clear week5/6 everything changes and you just know you can do it.

    The 9 week programme took me about 6months to complete. I re-did weeks and had so many aches and pains I kept repeating weeks to build stamina.

    2017 will be your running year- use this site to sound off, seek advice etc as there is always support and guidance available.

    If it gets too hard, slow down, and then slow down a bit more - do everything you can not to stop.


  • That was beautiful to read. Thank you very much.

  • I can only echo everyone else. Well done, having a year of no smoking or over drinking is a massive achievement in itself so you clearly have grit and determination. I'm carrying a bit of weight so I found the programme hard in that it took me a few weeks to get through some of the weeks ie 4 months not 9 weeks. But not hard as in impossible, just hard as in 'not a walk in the park' - but that's where this forum came in.

    Take it slow and easy and build stamina - that's what I have done.

    Very best wishes!

  • Oh the cigarettes were the worst. Nauseating four forever months! Nicotine cravings with side effects is possibly one of the worst feeling to come over. NHS stood by me. Could not possibly have done it without the smokefree program!

    Possibly the best takeaway from here at the moment is not to give up if it is too much and do not feel bad to take it slow.

    Will do! Thank you.

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