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Should I or shouldn't I?

Since coming back from holiday mid-November I've been trying to up my mileage. No excuses about it being too hot, or trips away to break my routine. I've even been doing a bit of streaking and for a couple of weeks I even ran 5 times a week, but that was too tiring and I've cut back to 4x (2 x 5km, 1x interval of about 3 km and a longer run of about 7km). I would love to manage 100k in December, but as we all know the Christmas season is upon us and what with alcohol, excess food, too much partying etc I can see my resolve fading. So in order to keep myself motivated I'm thinking about maybe running home from work. It's about 9km. I walk it regularly - there are a lot of traffic lights and it's from the centre of Munich, so not exactly the quiet, residential areas I usually haunt. And what do I do with my stuff? I've never run with a rucksack before and I don't want it stuffed and bulky with work clothes. But I am very tempted tomorrow night and it would be a great start to the holiday season, allowing me some smugness on Christmas Eve. And maybe I could squeeze a shorter interval run in on Christmas Day and appease my conscience.

Who else runs home from work, and how do you cope with the clothes transport problem?

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When I used to cycle to and from work I used to keep trousers, shirt etc. at work to change into. Was easy to carry dirty clothes home on panniers. For running you could leave clothes to be washed at work and bring home on days that you don't run.

Not sure if practical for you? May depend on if you have somewhere to store stuff ?

As for your route. Do you have any canals, riverside or cycle networks that go near route home. I currently every Friday run 4K early at 6am to part time job which has a route through a network of recreation grounds. I carry a light pump bag with spare shirt and have spare clothes at work that I can carry home when I cycle to work.

Who said "Neccessity is the Mother of invention" ? or "Where there's a will there's a way" ?

Your main problem may be time you spend deciding what to wear ? I know what you ladies are like !!

My only problem is to decide to go for the "Charlie Chaplin - Baggy Pants look" or the "John Travolta - Tight Pants look" !!

Good luck !


You've given me a few ideas. Will decide tomorrow morning!

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How cold is it and what do you wear to work? Is there any articles of clothing that could do double-duty? That would reduce the amount you have to cart around.


I normally see if my boss is going to be in . If not I go to work in my running gear with my lunch in a plastic bag and my essentials ( small purse, keys , phone ) in my bum bag . I wear a lightweight coat or jacket on top .

Coming home , I leave the coat/ jacket at work and just run home with my bum bag .

If my boss is in , I wear my sports bra and Runners , but take the rest of my running gear to change into . There's lots of faffidge involved but it's great to run home from work , I've done it quite a few times now and really enjoyed it :-) xxx


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