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Hi All, haven't written on here for a while. I graduated in November and since then have been running 3 x a week - 2 x 30 mins and then 1 increasingly longer. Am having a little break in Yorkshire (beautiful Bronte country) and haven't run since Friday as been doing lots and lots of walking/hiking! Home tomorrow so will run Thursday morning and get back on it - then my first Park Run on Saturday! I'm just feeling a little antsy that I won't have run for nearly a week and although I have walked for miles and miles (up hill and down dale!) almost feel guilty that I haven't been for a run!

Think I'm looking for a little reassurance from my running pals?!!!


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You will probably be as fit as a butcher's dog after all the hilly walks!

Parkrun is right good fun. Enjoy yourself 😊


You will be so up for it you will probably hit a pb for your 5k. Enjoy it, its fun 😀👍🏼


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