Well I did it - week 9, run 3 this afternoon and the Scottish weather felt almost tropical - 12°c albeit dismally grey. By the 20min mark it (I) felt HOT and then the heavens opened. Bliss!

Can't believe I've come this far, I'm a starter but haven't always been a finisher and I'm determined to keep it up. The goal now is to get to 5k (todays run was just shy of 4k so I'm not fast but I'm certainly faster than I was 11 weeks ago).

Huge thanks to everyone on this forum, what a warm, encouraging, motivating and inclusive bunch you are xxx 👍👟 xxx


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14 Replies

  • Yeay! Congratulations. That's lovely.

    I know what you mean about the Scottish weather today. I was glad of the rain on my run this morning as it was so mild I was boiling! Hard to know if it was rain or sweat that was running down the back of my neck. :)

    Anyway, well done and I hope you have a celebration planned.

  • Well - you're a finisher today! Congratulations!

    Enjoy that amazing feeling!

  • Well done ! -12 c tropical ! It had to be 6 c for me to be anywhere near tropical today compared to freezing point run on Sunday. I was about same short of 4K at week 9 back in June.

    Definitely got a bit faster without really trying. Found that now after running 6K + for about 43 minutes my 5K runs are far easier and able to work on speeding it up. but am happy with my fitness . I may never get to 30 minute 5K run but there is no rush !

    I prefer to do my runs ,even if cold, in Sunshine. If on my days off I like to run about 9am when sun up reasonable height and can get sun on my face and then on my back running up and down canal. I am still trying to top up my "Costa del Spaghetti Junction" Tan. Sometimes don't have much choice but to get out in rain.

    It's amazing what your body can put up with. Usually it's our mind that lets us down. But obviously not you ! Well done for getting out there . How you gonna celebrate ? I did back in Summer with a Magnum (Ice Cream). Don't think you'll be doing that !

  • +12degc where I am down in the south, and peeled off sweat sopping base layer..never say never 30 min 5k..😊

  • Apologies folks the '-' was a dash not a minus! +12°c here today too, positively balmy, well almost and the rain was so refreshing! Thank you for your kind words.

    Joepublic, I intend to celebrate with buying new trainers. That was always going to be my reward on graduation. Hoping for a pair with go-faster stripes! 😊

  • Super, super, super & congrats!!!


  • Congratulations! Well done, you should be proud!

  • Congratulations and well done! You'll get to 5k soon enough - I graduated with a run of 3.95k (30 mins) and it took me another 4 weeks to get to 5k running 3 times a week (one getting longer, one steady and one shorter speed one). This morning I ran my first 6k (after another 2.5 weeks) but will drop back to just over 5k and aim to get faster - I refuse to be last in the Xmas Eve park run! Good luck with your goals - you'll get there!

  • Fantastic congratulations😊🌟🎓👍you are definately as finisher of the c25k🏃🏃🏃

  • Well Done Graduate! :)

  • Fab news! Well done you! Champagne/beer/something special you like is the order of the evening :)

  • Thank you all for your kind comments x

  • Today you proved you ARE a finisher - well done you!

    (Bet your smile brightened up the Driech day!)

  • Fantastic! Well done!

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