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W7 R2 done... Friday night ... wine chilled.... Check

I have just finished W7 R2 and would prefer to run in a morning (particular a school holiday morning) but can't. After work runs it has to be. However i dont mind as much when its Friday I really feel like its a whooo Friday as i have achieved another run (all be it a slow run). I feel like I really really deserve alcohol not only is it the weekend but I have exercised. I have to pinch myself at times that i have not given up. I have only told my husband and children and a couple of close friends as i don't want people asking me how I am doing as that would be too much pressure. So Thanks for everyone on site as its you I get to share this programme with, ups n downs but it is so GOOD... Have a good weekend everyone.

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Have a great weekend Newstart and enjoy your tipple.


Wishing you success W7R3!! Hmmmm...I'm noticing a trend on here...most of us runner like our alcohol. ;-) I love this group, there is always someone available to give advice, support etc.


Hope you enjoyed your wine last night, you definitely earned it if you completed W7R2. I hope your husband and the kids are proud of what you've achieved, not long to go and you'll be graduating how good will that feel. Suggest a bottle of champagne after that one !

Good luck with W7R3.


Congrats on getting so far - I'm on week 7 run 2 tomorrow. Friday is always wine night (as is Sat and Sun!) The champagne is a great idea and a great incentive to graduate, love champagne.

Good Luck


I second that I love champagne, what a good idea Fastbowler. I have also worked out that it will be a Friday for my final W9 run (Graduation)l if things continue to go to plan. Champagne is a really good incentive. Husband still cant believe i haven't given up he's V proud.


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