W10, R1 I'm singing in the rain AND I ran through a puddle - ON PURPOSE!!!

Good morning/afternoon/evening everyone, wherever you are!

I was supposed to be going rowing this morning, downstream through a lock to the next town and have breakfast with some buddies and then row back. But . . . guess what . . . they all wimped out because it was a little bit drizzly! Pathetic!

Actually, it was a bit like Strictly Come Dancing, as I wanted to go rowing and so did one other, but two definitely didn't, so "Head Judge Len" got the casting vote with emails flying to and fro, and eventually it was decided that we would all go for a coffee instead later at our local coffee shop.

Ah ha! I thought, well actually, despite having got up early AND donned all my warm rowing gear, (which seems to take an age) I can now change into my lighter running gear (I don't possess any winter stuff at the moment), go running instead and meet them at the coffee shop later. Brill! :) Every cloud . . .

I went upstairs and put on my 3/4 length trousers, oh - my one-and-only long sleeved run top was still damp on the airer from being washed yesterday, so I put on a runner's T shirt and my long sleeved rowing top, added my beanie hat and woolly gloves and away I went with Laura on my arm.

With C25K + podcast already downloaded, I went off for my first ever run since graduating. OK, it did start to rain quite heavily, and it had obviously been raining in the night, because the puddles were everywhere. I decided to go along my usual route over the bridge where there is a tributary into the Thames, spotted a swan way upstream, then as I approached a sharp bend, 6 dogs came towards me that were being exercised by the local dog walker who suddenly appeared from around the bend on her bicycle. One of the poor dogs was sporting a lampshade (LOL), and then coming up the rear was the DW's husband on his bicycle too. She had a dog on a lead which was pulling her along. 101 Dalmatians sprung to mind, was she in fact Cruella de Vil? Anyway, once the hounds had disappeared, I felt happy to settle back into my stride. I got over the pretty little brick and flint bridge which goes over a little stream, and on to the second little metal bridge (not so pretty). Here, the second stream was running much faster, it looked very angry today, I thought. Mind you, it must have rained a lot in the night, there were huge puddles everywhere! Having run on over the second bridge, I got further than ever before. There was a long straight that I began running along, but it was a little bit uninteresting, in the drizzle, as there was nothing of note to see. Fortunately, after a little while, Laura informed me I was half way. Oh goodie, I can turn back :)

This is when it happened. I had gone over the unattractive metal bridge, back over the pretty brick and flint one, and there in front of me was an enormous puddle. I thought for a split second, new shoes, yes, pretty shoes, yes, waterproof? Probably not, but where's your sense of adventure, Flossie? Go on, you know you want to, so I did. I ran through the puddle and laughed out loud as the mud splattered up my shins. How old DO you think you are? How much FUN do you think you're going to have? Well, to be perfectly honest, I feel a lot younger than I am and I am willing to have as much fun as I can on my runs :)

And then, another thing happened . . . some of you may remember the older gentleman who never said good morning to me, despite my beaming smile and greeting him and he always looked rather miserable . . . well, I met him again this morning, a little way past the puddle incident, so I thought, I had better not say good morning, as he obviously doesn't want to engage in any pleasantries. Though I did look at him and I guess I must have automatically smiled at him. He actually looked at me and said "Morning", oh how happy was I? "Good morning!" I returned, in an overly jolly way, because I was so surprised that he had spoken.

Then my mind wanders, is it because I am now a graduate, at last? Is that why he has said "morning"? Don't be silly, he's not to know, is he! So why has he decided to say something, after all this time? Then, I think I have it, I have been accepted by him. I am obviously not a runner who has just appeared for one day, never to return, I am a regular runner, who might often pass him for weeks, months, years to come, I do hope so.

So, as you can tell, there were lots of things to make me happy today, the coffee was great afterwards with my friends, but the best bit . . . had to be . . . running through that puddle! :)

Happy running everyone!


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29 Replies

  • Well done ! great post. Liked the bit about the dog with lampshade. I used to tell my dog it was "The cone of shame" ! I've found that eventually even those on my lake runs some start to respond. It could as you say they need to get familiar or even a touch of shame that they ignored you last time.

    Glad to see on this site there are people on this site who are still brave enough to act their shoe size instead of age ! See not only bodies getting younger . Mind too !

    Think you may be getting "Forrest Gumpitus" like me finding any excuse to put a spurt on !

    Hope your friends didn't think you were mad !

    Happy running !

  • Thank you joepublic, actually I didn't tell my friends about the puddle, I didn't think they would understand! They would have thought I was mad, they are very sensible, (obviously, because they didn't want to go out rowing in the rain). I don't think they act their shoe size, like I do. Like you, I am a bit of a closet runner. I think I may be coming down with Forrest Gumpitis, it's definitely catching, isn't it! LOL

  • I love your descriptive run and your tenacity! What a joyful day!

  • Thank you indigogogo, a great day! :)

  • Lovely run report Flossie..good for you for heading out in the rain too..😊

    How did you like c25k+ did you do stepping stones..?

    Love the jumping in the puddle (reminds me of school cross country which I hated and could never do..why don't they teach kids c25k in schools? or as an option at age 16 in P.E.)

    And as for your gentlemen he obviously respects your commitment and recognises a proper graduate runner.😄. Still no badge though? I think ju-ju is in training for a marathon, Pops is looking after her mam, and Rfc not around at the mo. Don't worry though your 'special' badge will arrive soon and you can show it off. xxx

  • Thank you Jan-now-runs. Yes, I did Stepping Stone with intro. Wondered why I spent a few extra minutes, but think it must be because it has the intro. Unsure whether to do that again without intro or go onto Speed podcast. Need to check the website out! I am going to continue to number my weeks and my runs so that I can see how many I have actually done in my "running career" when I am an octogenarian at a PR! LOL :) Happy running!

  • See you are sporting your shiny new badge now Flossie.😊

    It suits you..and now your old gentlemen will see you mean business..😄xx

  • LOL, thank you for noticing, she smiles coyly. :) Sorry, on the computer, can't get a coy smile on here!

  • Coorrrrr! I love a puddle! Not arf! 😄 And splashes up your legs, running medals they are, be proud, very proud! Go you!


  • Oh LOL Madge50 LOL LOL LOL. How cool are you? How cool am I? Only just graduated, and whilst I may not have my badge, I have a Madge Medal for bravery to the puddle! LOL. I am so very very proud! Thank you! [Clutches hand to breast and salutes, wearing new Madge Medal] LOL x

  • You are a runner proper!!!! Puddle jumper extraordinaire!

    What a super post and how much fun did you have today?

    The shiny new badge suits you so well..it was clearly having an extra polish!

    Many of us just love the puddles and the mud... well, as the winter goes on, it only gets worse, ( she said cheerfully...) or better!

    Well done you :)

  • Thank you so much Oldfloss. I am very pleased to see my badge, as you can imagine. Serious moment (for once!) - as I am obviously going to be jumping in more puddles now, should I get some sort of other shoe? i.e. a waterproof one? Davelinks was talking about his trail shoes, they give him extra grip. Thank you again. Hope your ribs are mending nicely, love to Middle Floss and Flossette. :)

  • I think you will get advice on this one from many of our chums...:)

    I have to say, I wear the same shoes for my lanes and my field and track runs... I have two identical pairs, so that when one pair is too wet, or muddy to put on, I have the others.

    I have to admit, also, I rather enjoy the squelchy satisfaction of plodding damply home afterwards. ( Yes.. I know, I am a tad odd .)

  • Thank you for that. I don't think that's odd, so I guess that would just make me odd too! 😂

  • PS

    Ribs are healing slowly thank you..managed 2.5 K, in 10 minutes, this morning on the cross-trainer at resistance 1... I am more than a little pleased with that..it is progress x

  • Good to hear, well done you! X

  • "The Joy Of Running" - set out for all to read. Lovely post on many levels Flossie. Well done and thanks for sharing so well :)

  • Thank you Irish-John, hope you've thawed out now. Sending you virtual gloves and long sleeved tops. Do you have to do Mall shopping? Can't you shop online?

  • I thank you again :)

    Online shopping for clothes - tried it a few times but found it impossible to really judge what clothes are like before arrival. Got fed up going to the pos office to return stuff....

  • Ah well, ''twas just a thought! 💭 yup, this emoji does look like an empty cloud, probably does resemble the inside of my brain! Lol 😂 Happy shopping when you can get there. 😀

  • Great post. Made me smile a lot. :)

  • Thanks AnneDroid, good to know :)

  • Ha ha! Running through puddles on purpose! Things like this - and kicking up leaves - make us feel like kids again. Gets my vote! Well done Floss for getting out and enjoying yourself on the trail. Take care on that metal bridge. Metal is lethal! Drain covers are particularly sneaky!

    Getting brand new shoes mucky would cause me pain but it has to be done. I do admit to turning away from a mud hole the other day as I didn't want cold, wet feet for the remainder of my run, but I felt in my heart that I'd wimped out. Shame on me!

    Keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep running!

  • LOL misswobble and thanks for the advice on metal bridges. As I was on my way home, I couldn't resist the puddle, out of interest, do you have trail or waterproof trainers as well as "standard" ones, whatever they may be called? Sorry for my ignorance!

  • You can buy running shoes that are billed as waterproof and have a Goretex layer. Most trail shoes I believe are not waterproof but have meshy uppers to allow all the water and mud to drain away so your feet are not sitting in wet shoes, which helps to set you up with blisters! You can get waterproof socks to wear with non-waterproof shoes. I have no experience of either. I run in the drain away kind of trail shoes and I wear socks, so just put up with the initial cold shock of cold water hitting my feet.

    On a long trail run or race though I think I would seriously consider some waterproof socks. I think Skins (or someone similar) does a waterproof sock which looks like those verruca socks. Someone on here will know. It's been discussed before though so do have a search. We could put some on our Christmas list

    I run in Brooks Cascadia trail shoes, which I have had since I began running in Sep/Oct 2013. They have never been washed or even wiped. They just seem to shrug off muck. A quick banging them together knocks off the worst and off they go again. They are not meant for extreme trail though I don't think, although Scott Jurek might beg to differ (he helped design them). I think Salomon and Inov are for more extreme terrain. Salmon are on sale at the mo, as per Juicy Ju's recent post.

  • Oh fab, plenty of info here, thank you so much misswobble! I should have searched it first, shouldn't I! Sorry, I didn't want you to reinvent the wheel, but I really appreciate your advice. I don't think I'll be at the extreme terrain level ever, just wondered if I should really be using something else. I think, as I am happy with my shoes, despite the fact that they may have been designed for treadmills and roads, rather than wet, leafy, muddy weather, I'll stick with them through the winter. Or maybe, my Christmas list will just grow to include a pair of Brooks Cascadia trail shoes too! I like the way they shrug off the mud:) I'll search the shoes question! Thank you again! :)

  • Juicy Ju just bought the Salomons. She does say what model they are cos I asked the question. Can't recall what she said though. They were £50 ish!

    I ran a fell race (my first ever) recently and my shoes held up just fine. I did notice folks in Inovs and Salomons though. Mine are capable of 500 miles I think. They don't seem worn though, despite my running in them all the time, plus I walk the dog in them too. They are Cascadia 8 and I would love to lay my hands on another pair. Doubtful though as I think it's more like the 11th or 12th iteration now

  • Gosh, fell running! Huge respect. One of my best friends' cousin is the GB fell running champ, or some such. When I asked her what his 5k time was (just out of interest) . . . ah well, it makes my time appear rather sad. I think he could probably run 15-20km in the time I could do 5! Then I did a silly thing and I asked her what her 5k time was, "oh I guess about 18-19 minutes", she said casually. That was a spit-the-tea-out moment for me! I then tried to justify to myself she was so much faster than me because she had less "bulk" to carry around than I did, in fact at a size 4 or 6, she has no bulk at all, and probably nearly flies around her local PR! I am a novice, I realise, and I may get a tiny bit faster over time, then again I may not, but it doesn't really matter does it? It's all about having fun and enjoying your running.

    Virtual Cascadia 8s winging their way to you as we speak, as a thank you for your time! :) (Or you can have 11s or 12s if you prefer!)

  • Ooh, just looked at the website to see a pair of Cascadia 10s, reddy/orange coloured. They look rather fab!

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