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Going back

I graduated last week,through pain, but she managed it, but unfortunately have developed tendinitis in both my feet. I have rested for a week, but Iam desperate to run again soon as I am worried I will have to go right back to the beginning if I don't run soon.

Has anyone else had this same problem? Iam not sure which week to go back to? Maybe start doing the interval runs again?

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Sorry to hear that. The only thing I have had which I think is similar was many years ago with an "Acchiles " Tendon pain. I was advised to not run or do anything strenuous but still do day to day walking. to prevent becoming stiff. But do not do exercise specifically beyond that until it healed and was not painful. Also if want put ice wrapped in towel on it.

If I did do something too strenuous anyway the pain would tell me to stop ! took months to finally clear up. Yours may be sooner or longer ?

I am no expert but would suggest, if you haven't already , get medical advice. It could be that the injury is not always the same for everyone.

Hope gets better soon.

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