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Just joining now

Hi everyone.

I've been lurking for weeks now as I womble along with my C25K plan but now it's getting serious (Wk 6 Run 3 is in two days) I thought I'd say hello. Also because I'm closer to the end than I am to the beginning and want some encouragement to really make this a long term habit after I'm finished the programme.

I've already had plenty of inspiration from reading your posts so thank you :)

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Welcome to the best place for help, advice and encouragement. You're over half way now, so all downhill to your graduation run and badge - apart from the uphill bits 😀. Look forward to hearing about the rest of your journey - and the new world that opens up to you as you keep on keeping on.


Hi Hagarack, good idea to start posting now, so we can cheer you on for your last run of Week 6. You are doing great and can see on here that graduation is not the end, but the beginning of your running adventure..😊

Good luck with W6 R3... slow and steady now..😊


Well done and congratulations on getting so far. You'll get lots of support here. When you feel a bit downhearted (which we all do at times) look back and revel in your progress.

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Thanks for all the encouragement everyone!


Well done hagarack. The hardest part was starting. You have done the most difficult bit. Week 6 already, wow, you are a proper runner now,so just keep on going and amaze yourself some more.


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