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Back running, and having a good day

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Skipped my monday run and didn't bother with a catch up yesterday. Today im a little bunged up but other than the lost weight, you wouldnt know my wee one was so ill just a couple of days ago.

So back to it today and with this being week 5 and there being 3 different runs I decided to chance skipping the first podcast as it didn't seem much different to last week and go straight to the second podcast.

I managed both 8 minute runs and ran both up and down the hills so i'll give the 20 minutes a go on Friday.

I also had a little scales victory this morning which gave me a nice boost, today is the first day my BMI was below 40, still shockingly high but being able to drop the morbidly from obese has been a big goal for me. I think the NHS now refer to you being severely obese rather than morbidly but that's all just semantics, point is now i'm just obese and proud of that :D

4 Replies
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Well done dipdab - both on the run and on the BMI progress! :) You're doing great :D


Go you... out there, achieving your aims and doing it! Well done.

Plus...HILLS... Brilliant!


Fantastic! Both on the hills and the weight loss! I remember how great I felt dropping from obese to 'merely' overweight! Stick with it: there are sooooo many benefits to both running and weight loss, beyond the actual running and weight loss. Well done!


Go you, that's fantastic. 👍

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