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Gorgeous day here in Chicago and was so excited to get outside and do my run (jog, very, very slow jog). I knew it was going to be challenging, but I had no idea how much. I barely made it through and honestly can't imagine being able to do W5R2 in 2 days. That just seem insurmountable. I do not want to fail, but what was I thinking when I decided at 62 that this was something to start. Any tips??

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Take it slow as you have been doing and your body will adjust as you follow the programme. Repeat runs if you need to and take it at the pace that is right for you. All who have made it to running for 30 minutes have struggled at points to ever believe they would do it. One step and one run at a time and you will make it x


Well done . you've done well to get this far. I couldn't run for a bus now running 40 minutes and about 6K ! Now a good habit and feel great. I'm 60 and thought I wasn't that unfit .

As others will say take it easy and repeat a week if need be. Also we don't use the "F" word just put it down as a practice run.

Remember what your original motivation was for starting this. As you build up your stamina it will get easier. Sometimes even now when I start for the first few minutes I say to myself "Why am I doing this". Your body takes a while to catch up and realise that it is "run time" and not "couch time". What others call the gremlins. Sometimes running at different times or other life pressures can put you off. But at the end of the day just getting out the door and doing any running and if you need to walking part is progress.

My motivation was at 60 becoming semi retired and having a wake up call with high blood pressure and possibly heading toward being diabetic. Now I don't have a potential future on medication. From 3 stone overweight am only 2lbs off normal BMI for me now. The benefits are so great I don't want to give it up.

When I started this C25K I said to myself "I aim to run for 30 minutes anything else is a bonus". I have a buffer where I never set myself up for a bad run. I still like a challenge and will change my routes do some inclines and attempt some exercises.

The first few weeks my legs and other parts of my body ached but it did get easier. The proof is that after running 6K then dropping down to 5K it's like" a walk in the park". I don't feel like I've had a run.

There's no rush. My old Boss used to say he needed something yesterday and when asked to jump I didn't say "How High ?". I said "Where's the fire ?"

So take it slow and steady.


Laura, you've survived going through the recent election, well done, you'll survive c25k, you'll do it take it nice and slow & steady, me and the wife did it at 60 & 61, you can to!😊


Thanks everyone. yes, surviving the past week was trying! Honestly, reading others fears as they go into each week really drives me to continue on. Thanks for your encouragement!


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