Done it !!!!!!!!

At last my c25k journey is well and truly done and dusted.

For all of the newbies out there keep at it. I started this Journey in May by joining a running club and had to give up because of old injuries. In August I thought I'd try again but follow the C25k plan at my own pace, which as you can see has been a slow process, it's taken me nearly 16 weeks a few niggles along the way but today I completed my 3rd 30 minute run which means I can at last graduate. A massive thank you to all who have supported me by posting funny and encouraging posts xxxx

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  • Well done! I've struggled with old injuries too so I know how far you've come... fab stuff. Enjoy your running.

  • Well done ! How you going to celebrate ! I had a magnum (Ice cream) in the summer (seems like centuries ago).

    Also Do you have a cunning plan for what you are going to do next ?

  • Yep I did a park run a month ago running and fast walking in a time of 38.11 mins not bad considering, so I'd like to complete it again not necessarily in a faster time but with less fast walking and more slow running xx

  • Better than not bad - pretty good, I'd say. Here's to lots more enjoying parkruns and other outings.

  • Congratulations! Enjoy your shiny badge!

  • Way to go Genesys1! Truly nailed, done and dusted. Now go forth and multiply thy enjoyment :) Massive CONGRATULATIONS!!!


  • Congratulations! The achievement is all the sweeter because you've really had to work for it.

  • Yay! Congratulations! Especially in the face of pains and injuries! Hoping to get there too in another couple of weeks so you are another inspiration! Keep going now!

  • Excellent! Well done you. Happy (injury-less) running. x

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