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Something to aim for


Earlier in the year I got as far as completing week 5 before life got in the way, but I'm redoing C25k now - currently on week 2 and this time I'll complete it as I'll be touring the west coast of Florida during week 9 and the following week - and will have some cracking places to run first thing in the morning.

I've seen a few people graduate on holiday and it always seemed a great incentive to get to the end of the program.

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Well done getting back into it. Great place to graduate.

Just watch out for the alligators ! Be a shame to put in all that hard work just to turn yourself from junk food into a healthy snack !

Let us all know how you get on.

That's a great goal and how fab to graduate somewhere different! Keep us posted 🙂


Great to be able to look forward to running in some extra special scenery!

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