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I got through it, though I really did not want to go out into the cold! It's only the fact that I feel accountable with writing this blog type thing that made me open the front door and close it, behind me! Brrrr.....

I sweated whilst running, even in this weather. How is that even possible without turning into some sort of ice monster? Sorry - I'm female, I glowed! Jumped in a beautiful

Warm shower as soon as I returned home to get the chill away.

What are you all using for your motivation?

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I know what you mean about sweating on my second lap of park yesterday, I casually ran past my car and threw jacket and top on the bonnet, and kept going ....

I was meeting people with hats scarves etc , but completed my run and felt fantastic!! That's my motivation I feel so much better when I do it , can't wait until Saturday when I'm out again ....

Christmas I'm shopping the sales online St.stephens day for more sporting gear which will be funded by my husband , this is also motivation .... I'm due to complete week 8, never thought I'd get this far ......

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I have signed up for a series of 8 races that are every 2 weeks until February. 10k every other week, so need to keep in shape for these. That is current motivation. #

Though the feeling of coming in out of the cold and dark into a warm shower is pretty hard to beat!

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