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W8R1, spooked by a car, but did my new Garmin really show that?

Well, I decided having made my maiden run early in the morning last Saturday (truly heavenly), I would see what a slightly later start time was like, as time allowed. I started off on my warm up walk and my GPS picked up sooner today, good news! However, I must have walked slower, because I didn't get as far as I did on my warm up walk on Saturday in the very early morning, ah well. Anyway, this meant that I had to run a bit along the village green before crossing a road . . . and then oh woops! A car spooked me. I had been listening to the music, in my own little world, trying to work out why I must have been walking so slowly earlier, when I just heard it a split second before I saw it. I think my heart rate went up a bit ;) To be fair to the motorist, he was on the road, where he should have been of course, and I was "running" out from the village green. The problem was, my maiden run was so early in the morning, there were no cars about. OK, so, note to self, jog on the spot for a bit when coming up to a road and don't cut the corner!

Anyway, I saw some tiny red berries on a dark green bush (sorry, not very good at names, but it wasn't holly!) that I hadn't noticed on Saturday. The horses were very near to the fence this morning, one beautiful chestnut mare and a grey. Couldn't stop to stroke them, but will have to go back later some time. The swans were nowhere to be seen :( A group of 5 lady runners were coming towards me, so I smiled, they said hello, but I couldn't say hello back as I was inhaling at the time and by the time I got to my exhale, they were metres away in the opposite direction. Second note to self . . . try to ensure you are exhaling so that you can bid people good day!

I have discovered that my body doesn't like bonfires when I need a big breath of clean air. I came around the corner of this little lane on my little run, took a deep breath, and euch, a load of smoke went into my lungs. I tried to do some shallow breathing until the smoke dissipated. That was not a nice part of my run. I didn't like the cars either who seemed to creep up on me and want me to go into the hedgerow. There was a tiny area by the roadside I could run along at times which was very leafy and I wasn't sure whether there might be a pothole, so as I ran along to allow the cars to pass, I would think "soft knees, soft knees" just in case I came across one! (pothole that is, not car :) )

Practised this second note to self within moments, an elderly gentleman was out walking on his own, "Good morning!" I managed, he smiled, or at least I think he smiled, it could have been a scowl. Then I came across an elderly couple, so I managed another "Good morning!" and they bid me one in return, nice! OK, so I know that you are all thinking, if you are able to wish people a good morning, you're not running very fast! True, I am not, but I did get further than last time (well obviously, because I was running for 28 minutes and not 25) and I made it back past the little hill (OK, it is not Mount Snowdon, more like a gentle slope of about 40 metres!) before Laura said "you've got one minute to go". Ha ha! I thought, I am on a very little upward slope here, so yes, I will go a tiny bit faster.

Anyway, the point of this post really is to say that, as I stopped my Garmin as Laura said "that's it", I asked it to save so that it will upload to Strava, and all of a sudden it vibrated. I glanced down and it said "Fastest 5k. Longest run." And I got a picture of a trophy too! I let out a "Yay!" and have to say, feel really rather chuffed :)

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Well done!

I've just completed my W7R3 this morning but my run wasn't as hairy as yours by the sounds of things (I run on pavement and a cycling trail) so no need to listen out for cars apart from when crossing over.

I too struggle with bonfires and find it really difficult breathing when I go through one, yuk!

Graduation isn't too far away :)


Well done to you too! It really is great being out there though, isn't it? Despite the cars and the bonfires, I am really enjoying this programme! Good luck with W8R1. I've decided to go back to early morning runs if I can, but if not, I'll ensure I have only one ear plugged into Laura!

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If you run in or very near the road, be very careful and aware of cars around when listening on headphones!😕


Yes, you're absolutely right. Thank you!


Well done great achievement , I go to park very safe however I'll soon graduate to the wee inclines and route in countryside by my home just want to increase stamina more . When I do I think early mornings will be the way to go....

Love the quiet runs I'm not real confident meeting passing out etc why is that I've come so far ??? But hey we are getting there I'll be out again on Wednesday the weather although cold has been kind

Mind those cars are you well lit?


Thank you! My local park is uphill from where I am. May try that "week 10" after hopefully graduating! Don't have a light as yet, but it's usually daylight (dawn breaking) when I go out anyway. Hark at me! I've only gone outside twice, but hope to make my run on Wednesday an early dawn one. 😊 Happy run to you on Wednesday!

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Well done - sounds like it's going really well!


Thank you Ullyrunner. It seems to be, just don't want to get ahead of myself. Slow and steady . . . hope to be able to complete the programme by the end of next week :) Apparently there's rain forecast for Wednesday where I am :( but they could be wrong :)


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