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Well, I have done it. Got out of the house just after 8 am and up the road to the gym (12 mins walk uphill so that counts as a warmup). New shoes on and onto the cross trainer to warm up again while starting up week 8 of Laura. Then onto the treadmill. All I could hear was my feet smacking on the belt, thump thump thump. Could barely hear Laura because of the loud music in the gym. 'Ran' at a snail's pace, tiny steps, feeling wobbly but didn't shoot off the end ;) . I didn't much enjoy it but it was less awful that I had expected. Warmed down with 2 mins creep getting gradually slower on treadmill then onto the rowing machine for 2 mins easy rowing.

I'm not convinced that i will do longer runs on the 'mill, but I didn't mind the cross trainer. Might use that and redo some early c25K weeks, using slow speed for the walks and quicker for the runs. Think I could cope with that plus it will exercise different bits of me.

So I am planning on keeping up with parkrun every Saturday, the gym once a week and if I am free and it's sunny, a run outside as well.

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I'm glad it worked out for you, and you stayed on the thing. I haven't quite decided on a winter strategy yet, but I think it might involve a woolly hat and a fleece!


Sounds like a really good plan. I thought the treadmill might be easier but was surprised to find it much harder. I think maybe it was because I wasn't getting the natural feedback of distance covered. Looking at numbers is just not the same. As a lady on my own though the gym does feel safer.

Good luck!

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It is pretty boring on the 'mill. There's so much more to look at and enjoy outside, but you're right about needing to feel safe as well. X


You will get used to the treadmill, just give it time. Start slow and you'll soon build up speed and time.

I have been absolutely loving the outside running at the minute but I know that once the leaves get wet, my usual routes will be treacherous, plus when the temperatures dip, Jack Frost will come out to play. One bad slip could mean the IC for months, as my knees are not 100% so I have to take care of them.

So I am thinking about going to the gym and the treadmill, and also maybe follow Juicy Ju's lead and focus a bit on my core.

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I will give it time and try not to hop onto the 'mill with a bad attitude ;) The cross trainer may be a better bet if we simply cannot get on together. Next time I will hop onto one by the window so I have something real to look out at. X

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