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Graduate at last!

I've completed the programme and I'm happy to say I graduated a week ago.. but hadn't run all this week after flu, and it was an effort to restart again, but I did go running yesterday, starting again with 25mins.

What a good programme this was...why on earth didn't we learn how to run like this at school? I've never experienced any of the leg pain on this plan that I had after exercise 30 years ago as a teen. I was quite sporty, but would be for 2 days after exercise rigid with muscle stiffness.. every week without fail after hockey and athletics, cycling. .and I always went back for more. This couch25k was such a breeze in comparison!

Will keep it up and look for the next challenge..

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Congratulations! Make sure you register for your shiny badge!


Agreed about school. My sadistic sports mistress put me off exercise for a lifetime - I started this programme at 49. I would hope that PE teachers these days are encouraged to ease their pupils in gently.

That said, my son is coming to the end of his school days, but PE has been a disaster for him. His school is a sports specialist school, and it's bizarre - they do a different sport every half term which means they never get the hang of it or get into it, and if they aren't naturally sporty the teachers take the mickey out of them and put them right off. Unbelieveable in the 21st century - sounds like Tom Brown's schooldays.

Fortunately my lad likes riding his bike, or he'd never get his heart rate up at all (except when I yell at him to bring his dirty plates out of his room!).


Well done on's a great feeling isn't it.

I've had the same thoughts about school and PE as we called it then..or was it PT? Thinking back though I seem to remember our so called "running"...which was actually a big excuse not to do anything like running at all, was all conducted wearing "Plimpsolls". From my new perspective as a graduate of this program, I can't think of anything less suitable for running in. This came to mind the other day as quickly jogged across the road at lunch time wearing my regular day shoes and suddenly realised how much easier running is in a proper pair of running shoes. I guess things are different these days, but back in the old days we really were up against it!


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