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Someone advised me to do intervals to help with increasing speed. Did my first intervals training today - ugh! Way too difficult. I walked for 5 mins, light jog for 10 mins and then alternated 1 min of red zone running with 1 minute of light jogging. It should have been 8 sessions of each but I only managed 6 and the light jogging turned into walking. I can only hope this gets easier as I remember how awful I felt after my first run on the C25K plan...

Did my third parkrun at the weekend - time is slowly improving and I try to go out three times a week for my runs - sometimes I only manage 2.5 miles although the other day I ran for 3.6 miles but it took me about 42 minutes. Although I am pleased that I ran for 42 minutes without stopping :-D

Happy running everyone.

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I tried something similar fairly soon after graduation and only made five intervals!

Have you tried the Speed podcast:

The music sets the beat you run at, Laura is in charge, there are six intervals, and I actually managed it yesterday.


I did speed yesterday as it cropped up on my mp3 player. it's tough! very good though and certainly gets you shifting ☺


Thank you, will give it a go :-)


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