Poppy where are you?

Got my timing wrong. I had assumed 6 hours difference but it is 7. I panicked when it told me you haven't started yet. Me thinking : oh God, where is she? Did she miss the bus? Got a flat tyre or run out of petrol? Oh no can't be,

Then I google the time in Manchester and it is 8.33am... Duh! ... Relieved..... Another half an hour and poppy will be on the way. Go Poppy Go

5 Replies

  • Yeay!!!!

  • She's off, started 14 min later than expected.

  • Yay...go Pops!

  • She's done it! We have to wait for news ....

  • Sneaked a peak at Poppy's progress this morning, times look very impressive!

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