Stressed over stress fractures!

So, I have been being good to the extent of extreme boredom, and my ankles have remained stubbornly swollen every day I go into work, but are much better when I elevate and ice. The swelling was worrying me, and so I toddled off to the doc who told me to keep on taking neurofen even when not in pain, elevate whenever possible and ice. She also sent me for X-rays as a precaution. Good job she did, as the results are back, and I have stress fractures in both ankles.

I'm now grumpily huddled on the far corner of the IC waiting for an appointment at the fracture clinic, which could take a couple of weeks. I'm lucky enough that I oould look at private through husband's work policy, but cover seems a bit random (crutches aren't included!) so suspect I will stick to the NHS.

I'm gutted as I have behaved myself and not tried to run, and I am stressed that I might make myself worse by walking around while I wait for the appointment. I'm terrified in case I won't be able to go to work, especially as both legs are affected. (I'm a lecturer so cancelling classes causes mayhem.) Plus I think some people think I shouldn't run again when I'm better in case I an inherently unsuited to it - and I really want to.

I'm hoping someone is going to be able to reassure me that it won't be that bad?!


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7 Replies

  • A number of people on here have had stress fractures, not necessarily in their ankles though. I think sparky66 was out for a while because of a stress fracture.

    You sound prone to such problems, but walking and running are supposed to be good for your bones, so I I think you'll be able to continue. See what the experts say. Good luck whatever happens. And keep posting, we'll try and cheer you up!

  • I don't know anything about stress fractures but I do know about boredom and anxiety! Sending a big gentle hug for each ankle :) Hope it sorts itself and meanwhile we'll try and keep your spirits up :)

  • Ouch! I have not been there myself, but have a look at this return to running treatment plan Look at pages 44-45. According to this, you can return gradually, but shouldn't start cross training until you are painfree in normal weight bearing activities and can complete activities for daily living for 3 to 5 days painfree. So for now Rest, Ice, Compress and Elevate

  • You need an injury couch to be wheeled into your teaching rooms - would be very cool...

    It does seem worth getting to the bottom of "Why?" if at all possible - could be some osteopenia or something???? Then you can make informed decisions about exercise, whether you need to do something low/no impact instead, or do some strengthening exercise to help prevent future problems or whether some treatment might sort it or whatever...

    Not a happy position to be in. How about looking into chair based movements in the meantime?

  • Very frustrating for you. The fracture clinic will give you all the dope on how you managed to end up with stress fractures. If you take Neurofen etc, just take a couple when you get to bed, the very last thing before you turn in to sleep, as they only work when your muscles are at rest (my pharmacist told me that when I got shin splint)

    Ice is wonderful. I kept loads of ice in various moulds and marge tubs in the freezer. PLay the piece of ice over the ankles as often as possible. I found elevation ok up to a point, literally, if you bring your recliner up too much it makes the legs too stiff, so I kept mine pointed down rather than being all the way up - if you get my drift

    We can recover from this stuff and move on. Things may look bleak at the moment but hopefully you will get good news. You can get stronger and fitter too. A good diet and regular exercise - hopefully running - will get you back to fitness. Fingers crossed for you!

  • Thank you all so much for the moral support, helpful advice and gentle ankle hugs. I feel so much better for reading your replies. I love the idea of an IC in lectures. I could decorate it with lights and tinsel - my students probably wouldn't be surprised to be honest. People at work have suggested a Sedan chair or a supermarket trolley...

    I'm no further forward in terms of knowing when I will get to see the fracture clinic except that I know the GP has pushed for an urgent appointment, and the hospital are going to ring me directly to see what they can do in terms of avoiding peak teaching times. That said, my boss was also very sympathetic and has said I should just go as soon as I get the chance, and we will then work out what to do about classes when I know what the advice is.

    I've also had lovely friends telling me if I can't come to the pub, the drinks will come to me, an offer of a lift to my next book club meeting if I can't drive and an offer of a loan of crutches. I know I'm very lucky really as people go through far worse than this and with far less love and support than I have round me, so I don't feel so sorry for myself now. I was also touched by my parents' offer to come and stay so my father can chauffeur me to work if my husband is working away!I My father is 80, and they live over a hundred miles away! Ironically, the ankles have felt a little better today. I've been in work but haven't had to walk between buildings, which is the real problem, I think. Back on my bed with feet up - neurofen swallowed for the night and ice on my ankles.

    I shall make sure to read some posts over the next day or so, and cheer you all on from the IC, and I will post again when I know more.

    Till then, thanks again! 😀

  • Good friends and loving parents you have there!

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