Autumn musings

I run so much better when it's cooler, but I still end up absolutely drenched in perspiration. Always. No matter how cold it is outside. That is weird.

I run in the mornings, but I run better and faster in the afternoons. Not really possible during the week though. It means that my longer runs at the weekend are mostly faster than my standard 4-5 k morning runs. Somehow that seems odd!

It can be very dark at 6am and street lights don't always help. The trees still have all their leaves and obscure some of the street lamps. The common I run across is pitch black if there is no moon and although it is always possible to see a little way ahead I feel I am hurtling into the unknown sometimes. Time for a headlamp?

My glasses steam up - this is not conducive to fast running in the dark.


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  • I know what you mean about glasses steaming up, running better in the cool weather and in the afternoons. I am like that too :-)

    I am also considering a headlamp, but how can it possibly feel good to wear it?

  • I agree Iben, I have one but it is not comfortable, plus it weighs about the same as my head ha ha !

    Time for a re-think ! There are some that you can wear on your chest and they fit like an harness , I think I am going to Google it :-) xxx

  • I was given one by a friend last year but haven't used it yet. It looks complicated, heavy and uncomfortable. But it might be better than falling over?

  • Falling over is bad, maybe the newer ones out this year are lighter...

  • We need to speak to Snow White's small friends, maybe they had head torches and could advise us :)

  • I agree ! I love this weather , but I can only run mornings/afternoons at the weekend . Any other time is after work, which was great in Summer but not so good now as its dark by 6.45 .

    I have a head torch , but I have a fear of slipping on mushy leaves, not seeing tree roots and uneven cracks in the pavement !

    It wont stop me though, I just take it a lot slower. I still get hot too , which is a dilemma as I can go out and my hands will be freezing but then as soon as I get going, I get too hot :-)

    Pah, Grumble , Moan ! :-D xxx

  • Somebody posted a good body torch thing which also had a light on the back recently (kind of a tabard). Can't remember who is was though. It looked good.

  • Yes I think a head torch would be a good idea. I have the Lenser LED running head torch. I looked at the Petzl ones too, which look good. The one I have comes in all different colours. Mine has a flashing red light on the back as well. They are just under Β£20 now I think. I also take a cheapo LED torch I got from the garage. It has a wrist strap so I don't lose it when I fling my arms about. You have to slow down in the dark, it's a must!

    A running head torch is designed properly so won't baulk you in any way. I don't know mine is there! It doesn't move or slip down. Just make sure if you buy one it is a proper RUNNING one.

  • I love the Autumn runs.. i had a head torch last year.. and a belt with a flashing thing on the back... always some peripheral light even in the lanes and fields, but very useful. I echo the advice, as ever, steady and slow... :)

  • I've managed without a head torch as my runs are on pretty well lit roads BUT I have had to slow down now the mornings are darker and there are wet leaves on the paths. What I am dreading is ice!! Last winter was mild so it wasn't a problem. I used to like snow but will be pleased if there is none this winter again. I'm wondering about getting a stationery bike for cross training and to keep up fitness if if gets icy.

  • I actually did my graduation run in snow. And we had one week in January last year with lots of snow, but you're right it was a mild winter. I'm a bit torn - I love running in snow, but I've slipped over on ice a couple of times - and that's not quite so much fun! I know I won't train on a stationary bike though - I find it so boring. Counting the seconds! At least outside I'm distracted.

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